Friday, September 08, 2017

Looking For Your Next Binge Watch Or Movie Night? Check out Film Fish

For Immediate Release
TV may be having its golden age - but discovery is still in the dark ages. 
FilmFish is launching a proprietary machine learning algorithm that turbocharges human curation to make over a million high quality movie and TV recommendations, showing you what to watch and where to watch it free. 
To get the job done, they've assembled an all-star board of entertainment and tech experts.
Their team members have starred in multiple blockbusters (Topher Grace), produced a Netflix series on El Chapo (Daniel Posada), Emmy Award winning film critic (Joyce Kulhawik), founded a Y-Combinator start-up (Simon Borrero), created TV shows for cable & TV networks (Carl W. Adams), promoted Emmy winning TV shows (Will Brierly), and taught at MIT (Don Sull and David Hartzband).
Having GoT Withdrawals? They've got you covered. 
Trying to find just why it is you love You're the Worst
Or just looking for a little bit of trash TV? 
They even have movies that never got made!

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