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A friend of mine plays a doctor and a preacher in this video. Check out the new video from Thantophobe. Great music!!! I am in love with their music and the video. To purchase their 4 song digital album for $4 visit this link:

I wanna hit you with the fire

When you're flaming
Moving cross my door
Down on our knees
Sacrifices make us pure
We can watch the angels cry
And the gods will surely sigh
Take all you thought and loved
And wear it on your sleeve
Write it in a book no one will ever read
Let her die slow
Take her soul
To a place where it can breath
Get lost in neglecting those that never leave
I get down
When you come to town
Weigh the cost
Paradise is lost
The prophets come along
They pick you up and put you down
Scratch your face into a simple frown
Sinners always looking for a martyr with a cause
They're hiding in the dark
And breaking many laws
I get down
When you come to town
Weigh the cost
Paradise is lost
I get down
When you come around
I get lost
Watch you bear my cross

If you prefer, you can order on Amazon like I just did. Here is the link to the 4 song album for $4.00.

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