Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Birthday? Make Your Child's Birthday UNFORGETTABLE This Year!

Being a parent is a full-time job that can befuddle even the most adept multitaskers.

So, when it comes to our kids’ birthdays it can become a greater challenge with each passing year to create a special, fun, unique experience that they’ll continue to cherish in their memories for as long as they live.


There are many reasons why you may want to make this particular birthday stand out. Perhaps it’s a milestone age, perhaps they’ve been particularly good in school, maybe they’ve achieved something special in extra curricular sports, arts or even charity work.

Whatever the reason, here are some easy ways to make this birthday an unforgettable experience for your child.

The most important gift is love

Making sure that your child feels loved and valued is the most precious and important gift a parent can give. List all of the unique and beautiful things about the birthday boy or girl and try to arrange them into some specific compliments.

How you then deliver them is entirely up to you. Write them in a card, put them on a banner, have them printed on balloons, or get friends and family to say them in person.

Self esteem and a feeling of being loved and valued may not be on every child’s birthday wish list but there are few gifts that are more special and help them to grow into loving, well adjusted adults.

Remember, you can make anywhere magical

There are many great places for kids’ birthday parties that can offer your child a fun-filled experience but if budget and logistics are an issue then remember that even the most mundane of places like a local hall or even the back garden can easily be made special.

You’d be amazed how transformative some balloons, banners and fairy lights can be.

If your kid can’t get enough of comic books then maybe having some sort of superhero theme will make the party extra magical, or if they love Disney then princess outfits, Mickey Mouse ears and castle themed decorations should be the order of the day.


Kids (and grownups, let’s be honest) love playing dress-up and costumes combined with themed decorations and food can really lend a sense of magic to proceedings.

Set up a treasure hunt

The more involved kids are in their birthday celebrations, the better chance they’ll treasure the memories. You can throw all the amazing affectations you like at a party but it’s all-for-nought if your child just feels like another piece to be organized like the decorations or the cake.

Fun, interactive adventures like treasure hunts are a great way for kids to uncover their gifts, their cake or even the location of the party by solving a series of clues. Plus you’ll have a great time accompanying them as they solve their clues.

Be on hand to help and support them as they figure it out but in your excitement, try to resist the urge to solve the puzzle for them.

It’s easy to make a happy birthday, but by incorporating some of these ideas you can make the difference between a happy birthday and an unforgettable one!

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