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The Little Copper Penny Teaches Kids the Value of Money and Self-Worth

In Stephenie Barker’s debut children’s book, it makes “cents” to know your worth! – Brown Books Kids is proud to introduce The Little Copper Penny, the authorial debut of Stephenie Barker, otherwise known as the “Copper Penny Lady.” Accompanied by illustrations brought to life by Cynthia Meadows, The Little Copper Penny promotes the concept of self-confidence and the importance of knowing your worth – because everyone is worth something!

In this charming story about accepting who you are, Little Copper Penny is sad because all the other coins say pennies are worthless. Luckily, Grandpa Wheat – aptly named after the iconic early 20th century penny – knows just how to help him see that no matter who (or what) you are, you have value.

“Stephenie’s passion for the penny is irresistible. She perfectly pairs an educational lesson about counting and saving money with a message about the value of self-worth, reinforcing key principles that will benefit young readers into adulthood,” says Milli Brown, founder and CEO of Brown Books Publishing Group.

The Little Copper Penny not only teaches kids the basics of making change and the monetary value of quarters, nickels and dimes, but also demonstrates the important opportunity parents (and grandparents) have to instill confidence and self-worth in their children. It’s a heartwarming reminder, for children and adults alike, that everyone has value and a place in this world.

Barker is an advocate for respecting money down to its lowest form – the penny, her favorite coin. Because they are so often cast aside, she makes it a point to pick up every penny she sees and is committed to teaching children to value each and every coin – and person – with respect, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

“The story of The Little Copper Penny has been waiting to be told for a long time,” says Barker. “And I am so excited to share it because children are never too young to appreciate the value of money and recognize the value within themselves.”

Look around. How many pennies can you find? How long does it take to collect enough to make a dollar? Five dollars? Ten? Visit the Copper Penny Lady on Facebook and share your own penny adventures, or visit


The 411:

This is really a very cute book about self worth. Penny doesn't think there is anything special because he isn't as big or shiny as they other coins. Thankfully Grandpa Wheat is there to tell him just how very special he is.

This is also a great way to teach the concept of money because Penny can represent all numbers but Nickle can only do 5s, and Dime can only count 10s so what happens to 11? We need a penny for that. So Penny finally understands just how important he is.

While some think the penny is worthless because it costs more to make than it is worth, I disagree. I love when I find pennies on the ground that were just tossed or lost and not picked up because the person refused to bend because it was just a penny. I have jars filled over the years of discarded money. My kids now look and pick up all the pennies but only if they are on their head. We turn the others over so someone else can find them on their head.  

The illustrations are sun fun and show size comparison and give a great visual for kids to see how many pennies equal a dime and so one.

A great way to start a conversation about money, self worth or instilling an interest in coin collecting.

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