Thursday, March 09, 2017

How a Contractor Can Generate Good Leads

Good solid leads are important to a contractor. Not every one of them pans out, but it means real revenue for the jobs that do move forward. Generating leads may seem like a tough prospect, but below are a few ways you can get these gems flowing your way without a whole lot of effort.

Create a YouTube Channel

This is an idea that might require having a helper that can videotape you as you demonstrate a simple task that is helpful. A plumber can create a short video that instructs people how to insulate pipes for the winter. A concrete expert can demonstrate what a driveway looks like that needs to be replaced. Show people how good you are at what you do.

Create a Website and Post Helpful Information

Have a website made that gives all pertinent information about the hours of operation, history of your business and experience level you possess. You can add information on a regular basis about the contracting work you do. Helpful information is one way to win loyal followers that may end up needing your services.

Hang Tough With Social Media

Social media sites can tend to be a little bit of a time suck. If you spend your time wisely and answer direct questions, you might end up with a few local customers. Many people are impressed by a busy contractor taking the time to answer their questions.

Carry Lots of Business Cards

Hand out business cards wherever you can get away with it. A few of them will end up in the right hands. Not every person will be in need of your services, but it only takes a couple of people interested to give you more work than you can handle.

Be Honest About Pricing Jobs

If you have been asked to offer an estimate on a particular job, take your time and weigh out all of the expenses attached to a job of that type. Make sure you are charging enough to handle all of the materials and offer enough of a profit to stay in business. Anything less is simply cheating your abilities and will throw you into a financial tailspin.

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