Thursday, February 23, 2017

The College Bucket List by Kourtney Jason; Darcy Pedersen

The College Bucket List
101 Fun, Unforgettable and Maybe Even Life-Changing Things to Do Before Graduation Day
Kourtney Jason; Darcy Pedersen


Are you ready to experience the best four years of your life? Take a shot at half of the exciting ideas in The College Bucket List, and your first years of freedom will be absolutely legendary.

• Go on an epic road trip
• Throw an ugly sweater party
• Organize a student protest
• Buy your professor a drink
• Kiss someone you just met
• Audit a cool class just for fun
• Find the best late night taco truck
• Do a summer internship
• Visit friends at other colleges

The 411:

Over the past three years many nieces and cousins have started the path to college life. Some have gone away and some stay local but all have had wonderful experiences. College life is the first time some get to be responsible adults to some degree and most of us wish we could go back for a short time and relive or experience the world that is college life.

The College Bucket List is the perfect companion for someone going into college. It is a life changing experience and while it is a lot of work you should get the most out of it because it is the last time you get to just be without the stress of an full time job.

The book is broken down by section.

Things That Will Ignite Your School Spirit gets you started by suggesting things like Learn Your Fight Song and Participating in Traditions.

Things To Share On Social Media includes hashtags and suggestions taking epic trips, going camping and changing your look.

Things That You'll Treasure Years From Now mentions you should write a letter to your future self and starting a blog!

Things You Won't Regret Probably the chapter most parents will blush over has you possibly dating outside of your usual type, seeking out new music and organizing a protest. The blushing will be about the suggestions of having a one night stand, kissing someone you just met and doing the walk of shame. Oh College Life!

Things That Are Good For Your Health wants you to reel in all that partying. There is mention of a fitness program and recovery days after you party too hard.

Things Not To Tell Mom Or Grandma is the drinking chapter. See what drinking games are out there and go on a bar or two.

Things That Are A Rite Of Passage is where we get a little responsible and pay back the people who are there for you. Cook dinner for your parents, register to vote and be the designated driver are just a few of the really good suggestions in this section!

Things To Add To Your Resume helps beef up that piece of paper that will be your face for the next few years of your life. Join a club, do an internship and get a scholarship are among the suggestions here.

Things To Do With Your Friends That You Will Never Forget is going to round out your experience by hosting and organizing parties and making memories.

This is a great and fun read. I love the set up of the sections and the collegiate fonts used at the start of the sections. It is definitely a great idea as a high school graduation gift, something you leave behind when you move them into their dorm or sent in the first care package.

Can't wait to give this to my besties daughter (who I watched born just yesterday wasn't it?) when she starts college in September.

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