Thursday, January 12, 2017

SpacePop Girls Are Not Your Average Princesses

SpacePop is an animated You Tube series that focuses on empowerment, friendship and adventure. This is not your average princesses movie and these five princesses not average princess. After evil Empress Geela takes over the Planets of the Pentangle the girls disguise themselves as musicians and form a band called SpacePop to try to save their respective planets.

Look for this DVD in March 2017

Each of the princesses has their own pet and very different personalities that your girl will love.

Athena is in charge due to her smarts. LOVE THAT!

Hera is too cute. She reminds me of myself when I was younger. Always seeing the good and beauty in everything.

Juno is a rebel and isn't afraid of anything.

Luna is a Diva and was my daughter's least favorite because of her diva attitude but she loved that she has different colored eyes.

Rhea is quirky and is my daughter's favorite. She plays guitar and has a wonderful sense of fashion and style. She designs all the girls clothes.

My daughter was never into Disney Princesses :( she was into smart kids like The Scooby Gang and Phineas and Ferb.

In this movie the royal servant Chamberline must make sure the princesses are safe. These girls will be fine. They are unstoppable and ready for anything.

There is more than just movies featuring the girls.  There are dolls, books, clothes and more.

Visit the SpacePOP website for information on the princesses, see their webisodes and more.

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  1. Sydney would love this because the princesses each have pets.


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