Saturday, January 21, 2017

Series Fiction Is Making A Comeback Among The Latest Generation Of Readers

If you are a new author looking for a quick niche to climb into, series fiction might just be your bag. Hundreds of millions of people surf the Internet on a daily basis. Of these millions, a sizable percentage is always looking for something new and interesting to read. While the majority might prefer to read a few articles on their favorite news or humor site, there are always a few who are looking for something a bit more substantial. However, not everyone has the time or patience to download a 1000 page novel on to their e-reader. Is there a happy medium where a new author can fit in?

The Rationale Behind Series Fiction Is To Leave Them Wanting More

One secret that modern series authors, such as Daniel Handler and others, have learned is that it is not always advisable to tip your whole hand in one setting. Sometimes it's best to leave a little in reserve for the audience to anticipate. It's the artistic difference between leaving an audience completely glutted and leaving them wanting just a little bit more. When you apply this to the mechanics of series fiction, it means turning in a short novel with a built-in cliffhanger that leaves the audience wondering what new turn of events could be coming next. You leave them at the table wanting seconds.

Series Fiction Gives New Authors A Much Needed Hook To Hang On To

Handler and other popular modern series authors have used the trick of leaving readers hanging on wanting more to build themselves a sizable and lucrative audience. This is the hallmark of the entire technique: Give the audience a few bite sized chunks of content, longer than the average article or short story, but not so much that they fall asleep after 150 pages. The trick is to get the length exactly right, while still giving them enough essential elements, such as plot, characterization, and "personality." It's harder to accomplish than it seems, and successful series writers deserve congratulations.

Series Fiction Is A Lifetime Aspiration As Well As A Stepping Stone

Perhaps the most appealing factor to consider when you regard the subject of series fiction is that you can look it at from either of two major perspectives. You can look at series fiction as an end in itself. That is to say, you can learn the ropes of creating successful series fiction and maintain it as your main occupation for an entire career. But you can also look at the creation of popular series fiction as a means to a much larger end. Many best selling authors of the modern age - those who are successful with regular or even super-sized novels - got their start as series fiction authors.

Series Fiction Can Be The Means To A Long And Prosperous Career

No matter whether you choose to employ the creation of series fiction as a temporary leg up or an end unto itself, one thing is clear: This is a technique that has the ability to give you a long and prosperous career in the business. Once derided as less than worthy of the public's attention, series fiction has stayed the course to become a force to reckon with.

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  1. I can get bored if the series runs too long. I have some favorite characters but I like the books that do not require you read them in a certain order.


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