Sunday, June 26, 2016

Come Home, Angus by Patrick Downs - Book Review

Come Home Angus by Patrick Downs with Illustrations by Boris Kilihov

Angus woke up mad and knew today was not his day. His dachshund, Clive, walked too slowly. His canary, Pennycake, was too loud. And to top it off, his breakfast pancakes were way too skinny.
Angus was in a bad mood, and he decided to run away. He walked two blocks, three blocks, five blocks, then suddenly everything seemed scary and dark. When his mother found Angus, he realized he was better off with her and at home.

The touching story by Patrick Downes and the bold illustrations by Boris Kulikov will comfort young children. It will show them that even when they are angry or frustrated or dealing with other emotions, everything is going to be all right.

The 411:

I loved this book because reminds me of the conversations I have with my kids now when they talk about how "BIG" they are and how they can be left alone or take care of themselves. "You live in a bubble that Mommy and Daddy allow  you to live in. You have no idea how hard things are out there and we want it that way. Stop rushing to grow up."  In this book Angus wakes in a bad mood and doesn't know why. He just knows everything is bothering him. The one person he could turn to is his mom even she isn't getting through to him.

Angus decides leaving the house is what he needs to do and does. Of course unbeknownst to him his loving mother follows and is there for the moment Angus realizes that he is going to be OK, Mommy is there and this too shall pass.


The graphics are great too! Big, angry Angus is all sketchy and looks upset. He feels massive with his anger. Everything else is drawn without all the lines but as he makes his way through the city Angus is small again and everything around him is drawn with all the lines.



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