Friday, April 29, 2016

Put a Smile on Your Face with Better Dental Care

What puts a smile on your face these days?
For millions of people, having healthy and attractive looking teeth does just that.
For millions of others, getting to the pointy of having healthy and attractive looking teeth can prove quite a challenge.

Whether it is lack of care, lack of money or health insurance, even a lack of good genetics passed along from one generation of a family to another, many individuals battle with dental care on a regular basis.

So, are you ready to better your smile with better dental care?

Checkups and Great Brushing Habits Truly Matter

If you’ve been struggling with getting and maintaining good teeth, there are ways for you to change all that.

Among the ways:

·         See your dentist regularly – No matter how much you try at home to care for your teeth, seeing your dentist regularly is an absolute if you want healthy teeth for the long run. Whether you see a family dentist in Flagstaff (Arizona) or somewhere closer to home, make it a priority to get with them once, preferably twice a year. He or she can diagnose issues you may be having with your teeth that you could easily miss. They also can take X-rays, a procedure that can assist them in finding cavities or other dental issues the naked eye may miss. Lastly, they can provide you with different brushing and flossing tips, making your fight against tooth decay, gingivitis and other dental problems easier.

·         Don’t skip regular brushing – It can be very easy to pass on brushing your teeth. You might be away from home and not be able to brush following a meal or two. There are also the times when you are hurrying around the house and don’t get time or forget to brush before heading out the door. Remember, the standard “brush three times a day” is always a good rule to follow.

·         Spend some money now rather than lots more down the road – While financial times are tough for many people these days, always note that spending a little money now on your teeth is better than getting hit with more problems and bigger expenses down the road. Yes, some people do not have dental insurance or limited coverage at best. That said it is better to catch and fix dental problems sooner rather than later. Taking care of a cavity now is much more preferable than waiting until it becomes a possible root canal in the future. Not only would you save money now handling the problem, but also pain and more dental visits later.

·         Take the show on the road – As mentioned earlier, you can’t always brush when you want to. Given that issue, your teeth still need to be cared for several times a day. Be sure to carry floss with you while out on the road, along with having water with you at all times. Along with the other positives that come with drinking water multiple times a day, it helps remove food particles, sugary acids etc. that accumulate on your teeth during and after eating. By swishing some water around in your mouth after eating or drinking a soda, you help to lessen the impact both have on your teeth.

·         Start the kids out early – For parents out there, getting your child or children to pick up good dental habits at an early age is crucial. Make sure you teach them the value of brushing regularly, flossing, eating healthy foods, avoiding an abundance of sugary drinks, and taking care of their teeth when out playing (use mouth guards for organized sports etc.). When kids learn at an early age the importance of good dental hygiene, they are more likely to carry such practices through into adulthood.

Taking care of your teeth doesn’t have to be a chore. 

Brushing regularly, avoiding foods and drinks that can damage your teeth, and of course making regular visits to the dentist’s office will all point you in the right direction of good dental health.

At the end of the day (and hopefully the end of your life), you will look back with a smile on your face.

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