My Top 11 Picks For Tweens This #Easter Plus Basket Ideas

Easter is an interesting time because like Christmas it is a religious holiday that has moved into complete commercialism. For some it has become like a little Christmas with parents filling Easter Baskets with games, clothing, electronic devices, gift cards, and day trip tickets. When I was a kid my basket consisted of a whole lot of Easter Grass and I had to kind of dig to find my candy. There would be a large, hollow, chocolate bunny, a few jelly beans, a peep or 2. 5 to 10 tiny chocolate eggs and maybe some chalky foil wrapped bunnys.  It looked kind of like this..


My kids are 10 and 12 and still believe in the Easter Bunny. I believe my 10 year old is moving away from this stage which I find so sad...but even if both no longer were into it I would want to do Easter Baskets.

Over the years we have done coloring books, bath toys, stuffed animals, DVDs, a little candy and a little bit of chocolate. Baskets were always hard for me because it is only over the past two years that he got into candy. He liked Swedish Fish and Lollipops now he will eat Hershey's chocolate. Way more then my basket as a kid ever had in it. You can't even see the grass which when I can find it is candy grass.



This year with the kids being much older in age and mentality I hit the internet searching for some fun ideas.

I love the idea of Baseball hats and straw hats being used as the basket, bins, pails, beanbags, trash bins even pools although the pool is great for a family with toddlers.

Here are my 11 picks for this year's Easter Baskets:

Fun Socks like the ones from Perpetual Kid

Mad Libs
 Fun Lip Gloss like the ones at Letter Box Love

 Google Play Gift Cards. They can purchase, games, music, books, movies and more.

Candy from Around The World:




Or even Retro

Crazy, Colorful Speakers

Star War Fan Baskets 

 Zombie Apocalypse Basket

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