Friday, January 22, 2016

Your Guide to Buying and Wearing Birthstones

Birthstones can make for a great personal gift on just about any special occasion. These gorgeous gems are steeped in history and as a result hold quite a bit of intrigue for many people for both their aesthetic properties in addition to their supposed mystical powers. This guide will help you gain a deeper understanding of birthstones while also offering some great tips on incorporating these items into your jewelry collection.

The History of Birthstones
Since ancient times, people have ascribed specific gemstones with deeper meaning. In many cultures, gemstones were thought to contain healing or other beneficial properties, such as providing the wearer with good fortune or improved health. Birthstones in particular have a rich historical background in a number of different cultures.

Birthstones as they are understood today are closely linked to a biblical system devised by a first century historian who claimed that the 12 stones contained within a sacred breastplate corresponded to the 12 months in a year. This claim was met by some confusion, as there were multiple interpretations of texts and translations. At some point, birthstones were designated to their respective months in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.

Jewelry Options When Buying Birthstones
Virtually any item of jewelry can be fitted with a birthstone of your choosing. In most cases, finding the right jewelry piece is largely a matter of taste, with some women preferring a statement piece and others opting for subtler jewelry suited to everyday wear.

Rings are a popular way to show off your birthstone, as these pieces can make use of relatively few materials and simplified settings. Necklaces are another great option thanks to their visibility, while charm bracelets are a fun way to continually add to your piece with many meaningful additions. For something truly special, consider incorporating your birthstone into a bangle or a pair of gorgeous earrings.
How to Wear Your Birthstone
Once you’ve determined your birthstone and settled on which type of jewelry you prefer, you can then decide just how you’d like to wear your new piece. Using garnet as an example, this January birthstone comes in a surprising variety of colors outside of the standard deep red hue (known as almandine) so many are accustomed to. There are also pink garnets, which are mostly colorless save for the smattering of color provided by almandine components, orange garnets, and even color-change garnets.

To this end, the type of garnet you choose will be integral in coordinating your stone with your wardrobe. Darker colors (like the classic red) work well with a dramatic silhouette comprised of stark clothing, such as basic black or white, while an orange-hued garnet might be a good match for earthier tones. Experimenting with different color schemes will help you establish ideal matches, no matter the birthstone in question.

Whether you are seeking a memorable gift or are looking for something special for yourself, jewelry emblazoned with birthstones can be just the thing.

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