The Most Cost Effective Cell Phone Plans for Teens

Exploring the most cost effective ways to keep your family connected in this digital age can be a challenge. We are constantly inundated with advertisement to switch to this carrier or that carrier and to determine just how much data you plan to use. If that’s not enough then you have to choose a phone to want to lease and that just adds to the already high bill.

I have been with the same cell phone provider at least eight years and have been fairly satisfied, at least enough so that I knew I did not want to switch to the competition. Now that my children are a little older I am forced to consider my options before choosing to add them to my existing plan. In my quest to find the right plan for our budget I included Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile in my search.

These two carriers have some upcoming Black Friday Deals you don’t want to miss, because you can save big on the cost of a phone. Both providers offer low cost plans with no contract and cell phones that rival even the largest providers. My teens are online so much for school and staying connected with friends and family that data was most important on my list when searching for a provider. I compared both providers plans and found that Boost Mobile offers the most competitive plan. The minimum plan for unlimited calling plus 2GB of data costs only $30, and if you choose auto pay the 2GB increases to 5GB. Boost Mobile also provides a wider selection of cell phones including, LG, Samsung and iPhone. As you search for the best cell phone plan and phone, take time to research not just the larger providers but also the smaller providers that operate on the larger providers’ networks allowing you to get the same service at a much lower price.

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