Monday, December 21, 2015

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy All Year Long

Keeping your hair healthy all year long is a struggle many women face. From weather changes to diet changes to environment changes, there is always something that can change the health and look of a womans hair.

Healthy hair is something that can be achieved at any length in any season.With these helpful tips below, you can have beautiful, healthy hair that does not take hours of care each day.

Hair Cut
Getting your hair cut regularly will keep your hair healthy, as removing the dead ends will not only make your hair look well-cared for, it will also allow your hair to grow naturally and evenly. When you have damaged hair, the hair can no longer grow properly, instead growing as split ends or not growing anymore at all. Trimming your hair a few inches every few weeks will remove any dead or damaged ends, allowing your hair to grow healthily.

For those who have excessively damaged hair and need more than just a trim to remove the dead ends, it can be quite a shock to go from your normal length hair to a shorter style. Though it is necessary to have your hair cut, some women may not feel as comfortable with their shorter style as they once did. Purchasing hair extensions can be a great way to give your hair the body and length you once had without damaging it further. Hair extensions can be done by a stylist or done at home depending upon the type of extension you prefer.

Lots of Conditioner
One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy is to condition it frequently. While hair does need to be shampooed, conditioner helps to put essential nutrients back into the hair and scalp, moisturizing the hair in order to keep it smooth, shiny, and healthy. Many women use a leave-in conditioner, which can be used daily, if needed. For those who have hair that dries out easily or tends to get tangled and frizzy throughout the day, a leave-in conditioner can help keep your hair moisturized all day long.

Strengthening Shampoo
For those whose hair breaks easily, look for a shampoo that strengthens hair follicles. A good strengthening shampoo is also ideal for those who color their hair, as the chemicals in hair color can damage hair.

Wet Hair
When your hair is wet, be gentle when treating it, as it is more fragile in its wet state. When combing your hair, try to be as delicate as possible, as the hair can rip and break easily from the scalp. If your hair is more prone to tangling after a shower, find a good detangler spray that can help to release the knots in your hair.

Avoid Damaging Hairstyles
The shorter a womans hair is, the easier it is to keep healthy, for their is less hair to damage. However, the longer a womans hair is, the more likely it is to be damaged, especially with hair colors and heat. Women with long hair should avoid having to dye their hair frequently, as the chemicals can cause the longer strands to lose their elasticity, making them brittle and more likely to break. A good compromise is to try highlights or lowlights, as you are still changing up your hair without using as many chemicals as you would if you were dying your whole head.

Similarly, it is best to avoid using peroxide as much as possible. Peroxide and bleach are extremely damaging, as they are full of chemicals and harsh products that strip your hair of its nutrients and moisture.

Hair Knots
If your hair is knotted, it is best not to try and brush the knot out, as you might accidentally rip the knot from your scalp. Not only does that cause a bit of physical pain, it also is extremely damaging to your hair. Instead, gently try to free your hair with a comb or your fingers. If that does not work, use a scissors to snip the knot out.

These simple tips can help keep your hair healthy and beautiful throughout the entire year.

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