Tuesday, December 29, 2015

6 Simple Suggestions to Bond with your Child

Between work, school, shopping and extracurricular activities, life can get in the way of spending time with your kids. If you’re struggling to hold on to that special bond with your loved ones, take a look at the following suggestions designed to help reconnect you with your family. 

Hit the Road

When the daily routine becomes a bit too, routine, nothing beats escaping the ordinary like hitting the road on an undisclosed adventure. Whether you’re driving thru states or towns, family road trips are perfect opportunities to communicate, laugh and experience something different. After all, “getting there is half the fun.” 

Schedule a TV or Movie Night

Kids love anticipation. When you schedule something fun in advance, kids can’t help but to be eager for that time to come. One easy and fun solution is to coordinate a different movie theme for each week; for example, Freaky Fridays or Mystery Mondays. And if you’re anything like most families, settling on what to watch in a group can get undiplomatic in flash. However, services like http://satellitepackages.net/directv-ultimate-package.html eliminate that controversy by providing access to hundreds of unique channels everyone will enjoy.

Date Night

There’s just something special about going out to eat. Designate a morning, afternoon or dinner date with your kids. If time isn’t on your side, take them somewhere quick like frozen yogurt or the doughnut shop. Allow them to lead the conversation and tell you anything that might come to their minds.

Invite them to your Secret Paradise

Is there a special place that brings you serenity and enjoyment? May be it’s a fountain by the park, rooftop view or special street that you love walking by. Invite your kids and allow them to experience and share something with you that brings value and peace-of-mind. Anywhere can be a catalyst to bond, and if you have one, share it too.

Share Memories

A great device to encourage communication and bonding is by swapping stories from the past. From the mundane to extraordinary, the past is chockfull of life lessons, laughs and curiosities. Take turns of your anecdotes and invest time into listening of what they have to say and how something may have affected them. It’s a great opportunity to learn about each other and strengthen your family relationships.

End the Night with a Question

Before bed, try asking your kids a couple of questions about the day that was. Make it a routine as you tuck them into bed to get any last things off their mind. This will give you a better sense of what situations or circumstances may be involved in your child’s life that you may have been unaware of. For example, you could ask them:

1.)    What was the most important thing you learned today?
2.)    If you could over, what would you do differently?
3.)    Did something make you laugh today? What was it?

Keep the questions simple and mundane as your child probably already tired. This simple exercise will bring a unique sense of togetherness and security, both for your child and you. 

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