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Pre-Order These And Get Your Little One's Ready For School Over The Summer! #ilovebooks

First Grade, Here I Come! From award-winning author Tony Johnston and David Walker is  perfect book for first time First Graders!
Kindergarten? Done!
"I'm zooming off to first grade now.
I need about five friends
to play good games like hide-and-sneak
and where-the-sidewalk-ends."
Tony Johnston's playful stanzas meet with David Walker's joyful art to create a remarkable foray into first grade--with all its peaks and valleys. There's reading and counting, sure, but also show-and-tell, singing, crafts, and of course, recess!
Watch out everyone, 'cause first grade, here I come!

The 411:

We loved the illustrations in this book. A class full of kids with personality.

The book explains how fun and exciting a day in First Grade can be. While I think the author needs to re-examine the day since the onset of Common Core (sorry, personal headache) this is what First Grade was like for my kids before CC changed everything.

The book explains that the day will be filled with making music out of instruments you create, learning new words like preposterous and making friends. The child in the book is sure he needs just five friends but by the end learns that he will be friends with the entire class.

For someone starting First Grade this is a great idea for Summer Reading! Enjoy!

ABC School's For Me! Get ready for school with this clever, rhyming alphabet story illustrated by bestselling artist Lynn Munsinger!
Alphabet from A to Z.
Books that are just right for me.
Crayons for coloring in my hand.
Dump trucks playing in the sand.
Cuddle up with your little bear and enjoy this rhyming read-aloud chock-full of the ABCs of school. There's so much alphabet to explore!

The 411:

This is an adorable alphabet book using little bears at school. Every page has these full color kid bears dressed for a day at school while navigating the activities that will take place. Each LETTER mentions something fun they will do at school.


D - Dump trucks playing in the sand
G - Glue sticks for some glitter art
I - Imagination

Kids will love looking at the bears and their adorable smiling faces enjoying a school day and all that comes with it.

Believe Ir Or Not My Brother Has A Monster by Kenn Nesbitt Illustrated by David Slonim is an adorable counting book.
Uh-oh, this boy's older brother is up to something...he's found a monster, and he's brought him home! Now he's trying to sneak in even more terrifying creatures. What's going to happen when his parents find out?

A hilarious, side-splitting cumulative story with a monster twist of an ending from the brilliant minds of children's poet laureate Kenn Nesbitt and talented illustrator David Slonim!

The 411:

We loved reading this out loud and looking at all the fun photos. This book is all about imagination and kids will love looking at all the animals brother has brought home. If they are like my kids, they will love that the parents lovingly let them keep them all and tell you about it for a few days after.

This  book was fun to read out loud. It is a perfect number book as there is no repetition like most other books. You don't get bored reading the same thing over and over which isn't a bad thing for kids but for parents can become a bit much when the kid asks for the same book over and over again.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary ARC's for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

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