Seat Belts Are Not Negotiable! #seatbeltsafety #autosafety #buckleup

Did you know that one child passenger age 8 – 14 is injured every 8 minutes in a car crash?  
From 2009 – 2013, 1,522 kids ages 8-14 died in car, SUV and van crashes. Of those who died, 
almost half were unbelted.  As children get older they’re sometimes less likely to buckle up.
The percentage of child passengers who die while riding unrestrained generally increases with age 
and is most pronounced among 13 and 14-year-olds regardless of seating position.

We are huge advocates for seat belt safety and still find it crazy that people do not buckle up. If you are a passenger in my car, you HAVE to wear a seat belt. My kids know this and recently panicked in my new vehicle when they couldn't find one in the last row and thought I would drive without them wearing one.  It was found and all was well.

Parents your kids will follow so wear your seat belts and there will be NO issues. Start young and this will become the norm. 

For more information:

Learn when to transition your child out of the booster seat to a seat belt and find out how it should properly fit. 

Safety is not negotiable: 

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