Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Mother's Day Parody by The Laughing Moms #MOTY

The Laughing Moms officially release the new version of their popular parody of Travie McCoy's and Bruno Mars "Billionaire" 
with“Mom of the Year” to celebrate Mother’s Day
 and kick off their nationwide search for
“Mom of the Year 2015!”

Dallas, TX. -  Being a mom has always been a full time job and one that is all too often under-appreciated.  Moms do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, chauffeuring, dishes and everything else, day after day, for their families.  They do it without complaint and out of pure love. Every mom is unique, every mom approaches motherhood in her own special way, but all have the same goal:  to love and cherish their kids.

The Laughing Moms and want to pay tribute to moms everywhere in their new version of “Mom of the Year,” their popular parody of "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars.  In this parody, they highlight some of the daily(funny and sad) struggles moms everywhere go through.This video is sure to make every mom laugh and maybe cry a little too.

To celebrate the re-release, and in conjunction with Mother’s day, the Laughing Moms along with, the new easy way mompreneur's are doing their online business, are searching the U.S. to find the “Mom of the Year” for 2015! They will be accepting nominations until May 7th, after which they will select a winner who will be announced on Mother's Day.

To nominate yourself or another deserving mom, first watch the Laughing Mom's "Mom of the Year" video on YouTube and subscribe to their channel. Laughing Moms YouTube Channel
Then share the video link on Facebook and/or Twitter and tag @LaughingMoms, #LaughingMoms, #MomOfTheYear, #MOTY to help share the contest with moms everywhere. 
Finally, email with a photo of the mom you're nominating and why you think she deserves to be Mom of the Year and your best contact information. 

We will be sharing some of these stories and photos on our website throughout the month leading up to Mother’s Day and the big announcement. 

The winner will receive a sponsor filled trophy with cash,fabulous prizes, MOTY t-shirt and full bragging rights for their snotty neighbor and in-laws! The two runner ups will also win prizes!

To participate in this contest and for all rules and details please visit

The “Laughing Moms” Eden Morris and Alisha Merrick have already recorded dozens of viral parodies of other popular songs and artists including: Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Echosmith, Meghan Trainor, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Chris Brown, Busta Rymes and more.  These are just the beginning of what this mommy duo will be bringing you!

To view all of their popular videos please visit their website and information on Adplotter visit 

No Song is Safe and No Mommy Topic is off Limits.


About Laughing Moms: 

Laughing Moms by Alisha found Eden is THE place for all moms who like to laugh.  Dads can come by too, and grandmas and grandpas, and anybody else who can appreciate the humor we find in our beloved roles as mothers!  When it comes to laughing or crying as we face the challenges of motherhood, we’d much rather laugh!  Here, we write our stories, we blog, we create parodies based on real life experiences, we craft, and we share the funny moments of other moms out in this big, crazy world.  If you have a funny story, a funny video, a funny meme, a funny picture or have come across one on the web, please share with us!  If chosen, we will share your funnies on our blog so all can laugh together!  Let’s change the world together, one laugh (and one diaper) at a time!

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