Guess There Is Still Time To Explore My Calling As A Counselor! #highereducation #onlineclasses

I remember back in the day I took one of those tests in school that showed you what career you would excel in. Mine came up Counselor, Social Worker, Nurse, or anything where I was going to focus on helping people.  Now that I work in a Middle School, I see that this test was undoubtedly correct. Working with kids is what I should be doing with my life.

If this is something you think you should be doing, it is never too late!

Wake Forest Online Counseling Program


VickeC said...

interesting post,enjoyed reading

momo said...

My oldest son does job number three from the list up above.

Laurie Nykaza said...

Great to see all they do in helping people too.

Jennifer Heintz said...

There are a lot of different paths for counselors. We all have been exposed to them at some point. I would not consider it as a career choice, because I tend to get too involved. Thanks for the post.

sandyhills x said...

A great post that can be used for children for career day

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