Saturday, January 10, 2015

Flowers: Add Some Color to Your Apartment


Do you know some ways to create a fresh environment at home. One way is to keep it clean and sanitized. Another is to air the premises every day, especially in summer. Apart from cleaning the house, you can also add flowers. Some of them can even purify the air you breathe.

Living in a small place can be a challenge if you want to do some gardening. Not having enough space means you say goodbye to larger plants. But what flowers can you take care of then?

Here Deluxe garden maintenance have shown a few flowers that are easy to maintain. Read along.

African violet

African violets are purple sweet house plants that are very easy to take care of. They don't really require much of your attention and are full of blooms. African violets should be placed by a window; they need only a little sunlight a day. They thrive at reasonable temperatures, which means you shouldn't overheat the place. Do not overwater the plant but make sure you keep the soil moist. Providing too much water can lead to rotting.
There are about 20 species of African violet. The plant is also called Saintpaulias. It can grow 15 cm tall. It has oval or rounded leaves and a fleshy texture.

Peace lily

This plant doesn't require much light, which makes it perfect for an apartment. It can be grown in shady places. It needs huge amounts of water to thrive, so make sure you water the plant frequently. And don't worry, it will begin to droop when it's thirsty, so you will never forget you need to take care of it. Direct sunlight is bad for the peace lily. In fact it damages its foliage. For this reason, it's a good idea to place the plant away from a window.
There are more than 40 species of peace lily. Its home are tropical regions in Asia and the Americas. Peace lily is also known as Spathiphyllum.


Another common house plant is begonia. It is considered an outdoor plant, but it can also be a great addition in the house. Begonia requires low maintenance, it is tough and loves sunny areas. The best place for this plant is by the window. It thrives at cooler temperatures. Before watering, make sure the soil is dry. This means that you don't have to water the flower every single day, skipping a few days in between.
Begonia is a perennial plant, which means you'll enjoy blooms throughout the year. There are over 1,600 species of begonia worldwide.


These house plants require minimal care. They are very tough and hardy. At the same time they are very beautiful and colourful. Their bright yellow and orange colours can add warmth to your place. Generally, marigold is a great addition to every house or apartment and it requires so little of your attention. Just make sure it receives lots of sunlight every day by putting it by a window.
The best part about this plant is that is blooms on an yearly basis.


Everybody is aware that cacti are very easy to look after, they don't require much attention and are very hardy. Maybe you don't consider this plant a flower, but there are many varieties that have blooms, so don't forget to include cactus in the house plants list. What's best about this flower is that it can be watered once a week only. You need to place it by the window, as it requires lots of light. And that's all.
Cactus is a very adaptive plant; it can live in a very dry environment thanks to its ability to conserve water. There are about 1,800 species of cactus's and one of them can be placed at home.

So, buy some flowers and keep the place clean. This will make the atmosphere at home more inviting.

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