Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hidden Dangers: Is Your Teen at Risk Of Hearing Loss?

Loud music is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Since most teenagers seem happiest dancing the night away in front of loud speakers in a nightclub or at a festival, they may be susceptible to ear damage.

There’s a reason why most of today’s music performers wear ‘in ears’ during their shows. Too many of the previous generation’s musicians are going deaf as a result of their youthful excess and passion for loud music. Today’s technology means that music can be played at even louder decibels, which only intensifies the problems of hearing loss in later life. If you want to discover more about the potential problems caused by hearing loss, you only have to go onto the Hidden Hearing website and learn why you should protect your ears.

A worrying report published in the DailyMail highlights the problems surrounding the effect of loud music on the young. It’s not just loud music that can cause the problems. MP3 players that pump out sounds directly into the wearer’s earphones can also be responsible for a loss of hearing. Even though manufacturers offer guidelines on the acceptable decibel strength for the earphone wearer, many consumers totally disregard these guidelines.

If you’ve ever suffered from ringing in the ears as a result of going to a concert, then you should realize that this may be an early indication of future hearing loss. Most experts recommend that if you work as a DJ or in the music business you should always wear ear defenders to look after your aural health.

Loud music in gym classes is also dangerous

When you walk into a gym for the first time you may well feel overwhelmed by the racket. The machines are often noisy, people shout at each other to convey information, and the music is usually turned up very high. It’s fashionable for the young to go to gyms, they’re great places for socializing, keeping fit and they’re on trend. Gyms could also end up giving you hearing problems that may affect you for the rest of your life. The results of a study performed by the Australian National Acoustic Laboratory reveal that the decibel levels of a gym can equal those of a jet engine. In some cases levels of 93 and 94 decibels have been recorded, which are dangerously high.  

Cafes, shops and bars all play music

It’s very unusual to find a place for social activity that doesn’t play loud music. In fact the general cacophony of daily life appears to be far louder in the 21 century than the 20. Cinema music can be deafening; even motorbikes are louder. Young people love the exhilaration produced against a backdrop of adrenaline pumping noise. Perhaps it’s time to draw attention to the fact that once they reach their 40s and 50s they may well suffer from hearing loss as a result of this excessive explosion of sound.

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