Sunday, August 10, 2014

Arm Yourself With A Survival Kit from Fairy Tales #fairytales

I know it wasn't long ago that I was talking about Fairy Tales but school is coming soon or may have already started depending where you are.

Lice! UGH so far so good, knock on wood but every year we get a letter home telling us that lice was found in our child's classroom. You can imagine that I hate those letters but I always have Fairy Tales in my house and I tell everyone about it.

While not a serious health issue, head lice is a big nuisance to millions of families each year.  Back to school is the most prevalent time of year for outbreaks so the maker of Fairy Tales’ Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit has the following tips to stay lice free.

•Teach your children never to share hats, helmets, brushes, combs and hair ties.

•Don't wash the hair every day – lice like clean hair not dirty. It’s easier to grab on to a clean hair shaft.

•Each week check “hot spots” including behind ears, back of neck and part lines with a good metal nit comb.

Use prevention.  Studies have shown that lice don’t like the smell of rosemary, citronella, tea tree and peppermint oils. Rosemary Repel Hair Care is a daily line of products designed to clean, condition and help prevent head lice.  

PICK ON UP and be ready! You can even get it from Amazon.


Naturally caring for families since 1999, Fairy Tales Hair Care produces an assortment of premium-quality, non-toxic hair care products and bug repellents for children.  Dedicated to maintaining the health of every family member, the company’s formulas are made with the best organic herbs and essential oils and are nut-, soy, dairy- and gluten-free.  The brand’s Rosemary Repel collection is the U.S. leader in natural lice prevention products.  Headquartered in Passaic, New Jersey, Fairy Tales Hair Care products are available in Ulta, Bed, Bath & Beyond, CVS, select Targets, salons and specialty pharmacies and stores nationwide. For more information, visit

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