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HOTELLES by Emma Mars a Review

“…an intricate erotic tale that grabs the reader on its first page and never lets go…Mars has created a sensuous, fascinating, and erotic achievement all her own.”
Publishers Weekly *Starred Review*

“Rife with sexual tension and mystery, this first tale in a trilogy will have readers eager for the translation of Mars’ next installment.”

by Emma Mars


If you listen to what a hotel room has to say; you will hear thousands of stories and sighs.
You will burn to add your own.

A young woman is tied to the headboard of a bed. Blindfolded, she awaits to be taken.  A man will soon emerge from the bathroom and do with her exactly as he pleases.  She has no idea when this will occur.  She only knows it will not be her husband.

So begins Hotelles (Harper Perennial; Original Trade Paperback; on-sale: April 8, 2014) by Emma Mars, the first in a trilogy of suspenseful, erotic novels following a young French escort, Elle, who accepts her very last assignment before her dream marriage, only to discover that her final client is her future husband’s brother.  He forces her into a series of visits to the mysterious Hotel des Charmes, where she receives her sexual education a la francaise.

A powerful story of sexual awakening and transformation, HOTELLES, is sure to excite fans of erotic fiction and romantic suspense.  This is The Story of O for the Fifty Shades of Grey era.estes
Brutally honest, emotionally raw, and deeply sensual, HOTELLES, delves deep into the mindset of a repressed woman– exposing all of her darkest, hidden, innermost thoughts –allowing her to blossom into the sexual, open woman hiding inside her.  Emma Mars offers a deeply nuanced story about sexual awakening and forbidden love. 

About the Author:
Emma Mars is the pseudonym of an author who lives in france.

by Emma Mars
Harper Perennial
ISBN: 9780062274175
$15.00/$19.99 Can; Original Trade Paperback; 592 Pages

The 411 by Maria:

Unfortunately I must admit, it took me a while to get through this book. It didn't call to me although it was really well written with enough plot twists and side stories to keep you interested.

I believe what kept me from wanting to read it was that I have never been a big mystery fan and while this book is billed as erotica it is mostly a mystery with some enticing erotica thrown in.

If you are a fan of mystery and intrigue I believe you will love this book. The story is good, the characters are good and well rounded it just isn't my genre. 

Annabelle is an escort who is trying to save some cash. She is engaged to a powerful, mogul named David who has a brother named Louie who contacts Belle as an escort. I loved that premise. However, while Louie and Annabelle were interesting with all of their very slow, psychologically based meetings. The sexual tension for me wasn't there that I need in an erotic book.

I was interested in the side story of the two brother's loving a woman who was now deceased and the mystery surrounding it but that was were it ended for me.

Passing this over to a mystery loving friend who I know will love this.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion.

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  1. Maria - I am totally with you on the mystery part, except I love mysteries so this portion really drew me in. While well written, and I really did enjoy it - there were still a few things that irked me. Although, I'm not sure I can bring them up without ruining the book for those who haven't read it. To say it somewhat discreetly, I don't understand the opening of the book as it relates to the conclusion. Also the last scene is a little over the top, flowery and sticky sweet compared to the rest of the sensuous points within the text. Lastly, I really had issue with how negligent the main character was with her ailing mother. But that was just my opinion, perhaps I am being too hard on the blooming character that was Elle.


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