Thursday, May 15, 2014

Here Are 5 Reasons Parents Need Clipix To Help Plan The Summer

Clipix can help organize your summer activities with the kids
May 6, 2014 - FORT LEE, N.J. -- School’s out for just three months, yet parents can spend that much time planning the summer and activities.  Whether the kids are away at day camp, sleep away camp or are home during the day, all parents know that they need to keep them busy.  Why not enjoy your summer and start getting it organized right now with Clipix?!!  With this incredibly useful utility, you can clip and organize everything you care about (articles, photos, PDFs, emails, receipts, letters and more) on to private or public clipboards that you can share with family and friends.    Clipix can help your family enjoy an incredible summer by having activities, vacations and leisure time pre-planned and organized.  By going to the Clipix website (
and dragging a “clip” button onto your browser bar, you can click whenever you find an item you want to reference later.

Summer is the most popular time for family vacations.  When planning a trip, there are many facets of the experience—from the destination to accommodations to activities.  By using Clipix, decisions can be made in an organized and enjoyable manner.  When searching for that special beach or attraction, Clipix allows the user to clip websites and articles on to a designated Clipboard that you name specifically for that subject matter.  You can use one Multiboard for the vacation which can contain several Clipboards with every aspect of the trip included.

If the kids don’t go to camp and have different activities for each day of the week, Clipboards can be made so you can keep times and places organized. Clipboards can be made for each activity, containing any photos, emails, receipts or information that you will need to refer back to at some point; or, Clipboards can be made for every day of the week containing each day’s activity and related logistics.

Many parents send their kids to sleep away camp or day camp for four or eight weeks.  Clipix can help start the selection process in the winter of which camps to research; Clipboards can be made for each camp containing prices, photos and overall information.  Throughout the summer, sleep away parents receive letters they would love to save forever—they can all be stored on a Clipboard! Visiting Day information, directions to the camp or camp schedules can also be saved so you can easily go back to reference the information.

4.       SAVE MONEY
Keep a Clipboard with different items such as equipment for camping or back to school clothes for the kids--by using the Clipix Price Drop Alert, you will be notified when the price of the product that you clip falls below a certain price or percentage.  All you need to do is clip the product, set a price and Clipix will do the rest.  When the clipped item reaches the target price, there is a notification on your Clipix page; in addition, you will receive an email informing you of the current price.

Clipix is for you, whether you’d like to share what you clip or choose to keep it to yourself.  When the kids are off at camp or have an activity that keeps them busy, keep your own summer Clipboard with your reading list, “grown-up” activities and things that can help organize your summer and private time.

Of course, Clipix can be used year-round to help organize every facet of your life. To sign up for Clipix, simply go to and create a login with your email, Facebook or Twitter account. Clipix is accessible online and as a cross-mobile application on iPhone and Android devices.

About Clipix:

Clipix is your one place to save what's important, online and offline. Clip anything you care about to private clipboards or share your clips with the world. Clip websites, articles, shopping items, videos, documents, emails and just about anything you want easy access to -- from anywhere. Organize your clipboards into multiboards and collaborate with friends and family using our Syncboards. Available in 12 different languages, Clipix is an incredibly useful tool that is changing the way we organize our lives. Launched in 2012, Clipix is based in Fort Lee, NJ.

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