Thursday, February 27, 2014

Think You Know The Differences Between Men And Women?

Not Mars vs. Venus, But One Well-Rounded World – Study Looks At Gender Differences In Values

What do men and women want in the 21st century? A study by Queendom using their Values Test reveals several similarities, and most notably, a return to more wholesome values.

Montreal, Canada – February 26, 2014 – News reports and dire warnings from doomsday enthusiasts suggest that the world is “going to hell in a handbasket;” an inevitable consequence of humanity’s obsession with wealth and power. But do these things really matter - either to men or women? Maybe not as much as one might think, according to research by

Hunters and gatherers we were, but hunters and gathers we are no more – at least not in the traditional sense. Rather than collecting grains we collect companions; instead of hunting for meat we hunger for enlightenment and discovery. Using their Values Test, researchers at Queendom attempted to uncover what men and women cherish and appreciate; the principles they wish to uphold as humanity progresses through the 21st century. Queendom researchers assessed six major value types (Social, Aesthetic, Traditional, Theoretical, Realistic, and Political), which were further broken down into 34 subcategories. The following are the top ten values that men and women consider essential:

(Note: Scores range from 0 to 100 - the higher the score, the more important the value).

Top 10 Values for Women
1)      Empathy (Social Value) – score of 80
2)      Family & Friends (Social Value) – score of 79
3)      Altruism (Social Value) – score of 77
4)      Hard work/Diligence (Realistic Value) – score of 76
5)      Acceptance/Belonging (Social Value) – score of 76
6)      Stability (Traditional Value) – score of 75
7)      Community (Social Value) – score of 73
8)      Socializing (Social Value) – score of 73
9)      Ethics/Morals (Traditional Value) – score of 71
10)   Innovation (Theoretical Value) – score of 68
Top 10 Values for Men
1)      Hard work/Diligence (Realistic Value) – score of 70
2)      Empathy (Social Value) – score of 70
3)      Innovation (Theoretical Value) – score of 69
4)      Stability (Traditional Value) – score of 68
5)      Family & Friends (Social Value) – score of 68
6)      Intellectualism (Theoretical Value) – score of 66
7)      Acceptance/Belonging (Social Value) – score of 66
8)      Community (Social Value) – score of 65
9)      Altruism (Social Value) – score of 65
10)   Ethics/Morals (Traditional Value) – score of 64

“What we’re seeing here is a return to values we once treasured: the importance of connecting with other human beings, of hard work, integrity, and expanding our knowledge,” explains Dr. Jerabek, president of the company. “Men and women may disagree on a lot of things, but we all share similar values.  And notice what’s not on the list – power is not in the top ten, and neither is competitiveness or any form of self-interest. Even the desire for financial security is not as important, ranking 15th for men and 17th for women. The news may focus on countries battling for power and wealth, but at the core of most human beings is a desire to return to what’s truly important.”

Although Queendom’s study does show that the importance of power and recognition is stronger in younger age groups, the significance of these values decreases with age - and the desire for knowledge and the importance of scientific exploration increases. 

“More egocentric values, like pride, sense of entitlement, and the desire to compete and conquer become less and less important as people get older. It could be age cohort differences. It could also be that once these values have been fulfilled, we choose to move on to more altruistic or wholesome ones. Or perhaps the happy by-product of getting older is that we become wiser, and realize that life is so much more enjoyable when we put more energy into principles and actions that benefit the world rather than ourselves,” concludes Dr. Jerabek.
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