Friday, July 05, 2013

Cuteness By Handsome

My Little Guy July 5, 2008

The other day I came out of a much needed shower after scrubbing the tub. I have a bathrobe hanging in the bathroom that I never wear. It was given to me at my bridal shower and it is much too big, much to bridal and much too silky. It looks like a big wedding gown.

I headed down my 6 foot hallway toward my bedroom. When I got there my son was walking out, probably jumping on my bed which he is not allowed to do, heard me coming and high tailed it out. Since I was in the shower he must have thought it was ying yang party time and jumped with full abandon.

My son looked at me and just as I was about to ask “were you jumping on my bed?” He said, “your dress is sooooo beautiful. You look like a princess. Are you a princess?”

Taken in by the total cuteness, yes I am a terrible mother, I said, “no honey, I’m not a princess.” He said, “Yes, you are. Can I have a kiss?”

I kissed him and told him “thank you.”

He ran out of the room and it was then that I remembered that he was probably jumping on my bed. Oh well, compliments are an important childhood lesson right?

This afternoon I asked Handsome if he wanted lunch. He said, No.

Being his mom, I know that he needs to eat and it is my job to get food into him that isn’t orange and in the shape of a fish so I started rattling off the options. When I got to hot dogs he said, “No, thank you, too spitty!”

Last week he had an upset stomach for a few days. On the morning that he actually threw up he had hot dogs the night before.

So I told him that they aren’t too spitty but that he needed to eat something for lunch.

He again said, “Not hot dogs. They made my stomach hurt. They made me spit.”

I love that he calls vomit “spitty.” I think it’s a much cuter term.

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  1. I wish I had written down more of the "cuteness" moments from when my son was little. When they happen you think you will never forget them. But a decade or two later does take its toll on your memory. Handsome sounds like he keeps you in smiles!


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