Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Get Ready For Pool Party Fun With This Kid Friendly Version of 13 Top 40 Songs

Visit Kidz Bop for some awesome kid friendly fun. While there enter some huge contests, check out videos, play games and have a great time.

If you haven't heard of Kidz Bop and you are a parent or someone who takes care of children, this is a great product. The Kidz Bop company has been around since 2000 and features kid friendly versions of the Top 40 songs you hear on the radio. Being a "smoother mom", I believe in keeping my kids as innocent as possible for as long as I can and sometimes that means they don't know the songs their friends in school listen to. We listen to my Mom Approved MP3 player in the car but thanks to Kidz Bop, we know the top songs being played right now. This means my kids are in the know if their friends talk about a singer or song they enjoy. The songs are all done by kids and sometimes a word or two have been changed to protect a child's delicate ears and mental well being.  I see nothing wrong with that. The sound, beat, tempo and feel of the song is still there. Sometimes I even prefer the Kidz Bop version to the original.

On Kidz Bop Party Hits you will find:


Track Listings

1. Party in the USA
2. Get The Party Started
3. Boom Boom Pow
4. Move It Like This
5. Party Rock Anthem
6. Tonight Tonight
7. Party Like A Rockstar
8. Let's Get It Started
9. Moves Like Jagger
10. Who Let The Dogs Out
11. Single Ladies
12. Hey Ya
13. Kidz Bop Shuffle

Kidz Bop Shown at 6:14 Minutes or feel free to watch the entire video featuring 
some awesome products.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest review. No compensation was offered and all the opinions are mine.

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