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Victor® Adds Rat Zapper Classic & Rat Zapper Ultra to Product Line-up

Victor® Rat Zapper Classic & Rat Zapper Ultra
Electronic Traps Kill Rats and Mice Quickly and Humanely 

LITITZ, PA—April 18, 2013— Victor®, a world leader in DIY rodent control, has added two electronic traps to their line of rat control products, the Rat Zapper Classic and Rat Zapper Ultra. The easy-to-use traps provide a quick, humane and safe way to kill rats and mice. When the target enters the trap, two plates deliver a strong and deadly shock, ensuring high kill rates.  Once the rodent’s life is literally zapped out of it, a no-touch feature allows for stress-free disposal of the catch.  Built with high-tech electronics, recycled plastics and recycled packaging, the poison-free Rat Zapper traps are both effective and eco-friendly. 

The Rat Zapper Classic is ideal for trapping average-sized rats and mice. Powered by four AA batteries, the trap can kill 20 rodents per set of batteries.  To increase the shelf-life of the batteries on the Classic, a Rat Pack battery pack may be purchased separately. The convenient Rat Pack attaches directly to the trap and triples the number of rodents killed per set of batteries. The Rat Zapper Ultra has a bigger chamber and is designed for trapping larger rats.  The Ultra trap uses four D batteries which support 50 kills per set of batteries. 

“The Rat Zapper traps are super easy-to-use,” says Andrea Vogel, Category Development Associate at Victor.  “Just insert batteries, place bait in the chamber, turn it on and set the trap near observed rodent activity.”  Baiting with ordinary pet food or other dried bait, such as nuts or dehydrated fruit, is recommended. 

Both the Rat Zapper Classic and Rat Zapper Ultra have two plates that deliver a total of 8,000 volts for two minutes when a rodent enters the trap.  A red indicator light flashes repeatedly to indicate when a rodent is killed in either trap.   The Ultra trap is also equipped with a green indicator light that blinks once when the unit is turned on, indicating the battery quality is good. If the green light does not turn on it is time to replace the batteries.

“One of the highlights of the Rat Zapper traps is the no touch, no-view disposal feature - it lessens the ‘gross-out’ factor associated with typical rat or mouse traps,” says Vogel. “When you have a catch, simply tip the Rat Zapper and let the dead rodent slide out. Even if you decide to go ahead and look inside the trap, don’t worry - you won’t find any blood, mess or gore because the trap was designed to provide a clean, humane kill.”  

According to Vogel, rats are wary creatures and will initially avoid anything new in their environment.  “It may take a few days for the first rat to enter the Rat Zapper, but be patient,” she cautions. “Start by giving them a free meal ticket. With the power turned off, place some bait inside the trap - once a rat goes in and eats it, your Rat Zapper will be ‘scented.’  The next day, turn the unit on and place more bait in the chamber. When the rat and his pals return, they will be in for a rather shocking dining experience.”

To check Rat Zappers set in hard-to-reach places like attics and crawl spaces, a remote indicator light is available.  Sold separately, the Rat Tale, a thin, flexible 12-foot long extension cord with a remote indicator light, makes monitoring trouble-free.  Simply plug the Rat Tale into the Rat Zapper and place the mouse-shaped monitor in an accessible area for easy viewing.  “The plastic mouse monitor has beady red LED eyes that flash when rat has been caught, letting you know it’s time to empty the trap,” says Vogel. “It’s a great, inexpensive accessory that eliminates the need to check traps in unpleasant or hard-to-reach spaces.” 

Both Rat Zapper traps are reusable and designed to provide years of dependable service, 24/7.  The Rat Zapper Ultra is only sold online and is available for purchase on Victor’s website.  The Rat Zapper Classic can be purchased at leading home and hardware stores nationwide and online at
For more information, call 855-5-VICTOR or visit or

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About Victor® 
Recognized as a world leader in rodent control, Victor® has been a trusted brand for more than 100 years. The company revolutionized rodent control in 1890 with the invention of the spring-based Victor mouse trap.  Today, Victor has produced more than one billion of the iconic mouse traps and now offers the broadest line of rodent control products on the market including traps, repellents and poison.   Learn more at


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