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5 East Coast Beach Destinations the Entire Family Will Appreciate

Once the weather gets warm and the kids are out of school, there's nothing like a road trip to one of the best beach towns. If you want fantastic beaches with a family friendly atmosphere you'll all enjoy, plan a trip to the East Coast. There are tons of great beaches, it all depends on where you want to go.

Brave the Boardwalk at Old Orchard Beach, Maine

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Maine has many of the best beaches in New England, but if you want a fun-filled vacation, try Old Orchard Beach. The pristine sand stretches on for seven miles but the water is incredibly gentle and there are calm, soothing tide pools where the kids can splash and play in peace. Every summer there's a sand sculpting contest, which is always a treat. There's even an amusement park fronting the beach if the family gets tired of the water. Eateries include charming diners and local specialties, where you can eat your weight in fresh seafood.

Cozy Up in Nantucket, Massachusetts

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Massachusetts, too, boasts some of the most stunning stretches of sea and sand. While spots like Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard are well-known for luxurious accommodations and Provincetown is the hottest spot for a rollicking good time, Nantucket is a peaceful getaway. The beach itself is like something out of a storybook, and as well as charming rental cottages and whale watches, there's even the Children's Beach, which is a wonderful spot for kids of all ages.

Have a Blast at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

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Hampton Beach has lots of seaside attractions as well, so even if you get burned out on the water (or sunburned, for that matter), there are rides, boardwalk attractions, museums, and even stupendous outlet shopping opportunities. Promenade along the pier to enjoy fun games and stuff yourself on carnival food with a beach-side twist. The water is the clearest you'll find in the region, plus you can visit the Seashell Amphitheater to see plays, hear concerts, and even watch puppet shows put on for the little ones.

Visit Virginia Beach, Virginia

You can't discuss East Coast beaches without mentioning Virginia Beach. Both Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach, further down in South Carolina, get a little wild sometimes. Between the two, Virginia Beach is definitely family friendly. Since it's fairly close by, get a Chevy Dealer Philadelphia PA to give you something with four-wheel drive, so you can conquer some sand dunes. Otherwise, just explore the massive boardwalk, ride the rides, play the games, and enjoy all the centrally located maritime museums to give the kids some fun history lessons while they're on break.

Cavort at Corolla Beach, North Carolina

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There's no shortage of seaside retreats in North Carolina's Outer Banks, so you can really take your pick. However, if you really want something fun for the family, stick to Corolla Beach. There are lighthouses, lots of smooth, soft sand, and plenty of opportunities for water activities such as kayaking and jet skiing. There are even wild horses that frolic on the beach. Between spotting the horses or seeing dolphins right past the shoreline, your kids will go nuts.
Beach vacations are ideal for families of all sizes, as long as you pick the right spot. What do your kids love to do when they visit the ocean?

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L. Robinson is a full-time writer and travel enthusiast. She's lived in West Virginia, Virginia, New York, and Massachusetts, and loves sharing her favorite spots.

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