Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jessica by Laura DeLuca

$.99 at Amazon NOW!

Jessica by Laura DeLuca is a great ghost story with a sadness.

Wilbur is a lonely college student with no friends who is hopeful that he will go to the school dance and something wonderful will happen. 

Wilbur is nerdy and awkward but during the dance a beautiful girl named Jessica catches his eye. She comes over to him and asks him to dance. Wilbur is surprised and relishes this moment with Jessica. When she asks him to come outside with her he is shocked but goes hoping that his luck is about to change. 

Jessica is interested in a story about The White Lady who has been spotted at the school. Wilbur is uncertain of the White Lady but Jessica's interest gives him a reason to spend alone time with her which this college boy needs. 

Will they see The White Lady, that my dear is something you will have to read in this very short (cough cough) too short story that reads like a sleepover/camp out ghost story. I loved it and for the price, you will too!!!!


  1. Jessica by Laura Deluca has been described in detail by you. Thanks for sharing

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