Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday - R for Rock Climbing

Jenny Matlock

OK, so she isn't really rock climbing but she is coming down a huge boulder in my back yard. Love how fearless she is!


  1. great quote to go along with a great image!

  2. Love the quote and the photo. My kids are climbers, too, and I am not (fear of heights you makes me scared just watching them). I have to show my bravery in other ways. :-)

  3. I second that!~Ames

  4. That is one of my favorite quotes!

    Reading your link came on a perfect day for me.

    I am reminded of many things I've been forgetting of late!

    Thanks for a really wonderful link for the letter "R".


  5. Jenny! Thanks so much. I appreciate that and so happy the quote was perfect for you today. Hope everyhing is OK with you.

    Becky, Thank you for visiting. I really love it too.

    Ames, Much appreciation.

    KDL, I hear ya. I am usually ready to get them off but spend most of the time saying, "be careful"

    Anita, Thanks so, so much.


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