Saturday, January 07, 2012

SuperMoms Debuts January 17th! Are You A SuperMom?

On January 17, the new series SuperMoms' launches its first episode online, featuring television stars Brennan Hesser, Joey Lauren Adams, Julie Warner, Lourdes Benedicto as four women who not only share the common bond of motherhood, but also the uncommon responsibility of being superheroes working together to foil their arch-enemy, Dr. Deconstructo. It is presented by The Clorox Company.

The show’s retro-style feel offers both live-action and animated “superhero” storylines, with the moms bouncing between their real identities and their animated alter egos. It’s a throwback to classic superhero characters and cartoons and is an excellent metaphor for the “super” in all moms we know!

The trailer is now live on the SuperMoms' Facebook page. Other television and reality TV favorites starring in the series include Tabitha Morella, Tim Rock, K Callan, Hank Baskett, Jacob Hopkins, Caitlin Carmichael, Jake Borelli, Patrick Fabian and Larry Poindexter. The series is produced by Jonathan Prince of the Emmy Award-winning series American Dreams and directed by Michael Barnett of the award-winning HBO documentary SuperHeroes. 


  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    google luck hank baskett

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    good luck to hank baskett in his first movie


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