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Wrinkles Don't Hurt

Wrinkles Don’t Hurt: Daily Meditations On The Joy Of Aging Mindfully By Ruth Fishel, Author of Time for Joy, With Illustrations By Bonny Van de Kamp

“Ruth Fishel allows readers to embark on the journey of aging with a refreshing vision of it as a time of celebration and liberation; a time to set new goals, dream new dreams, and to grow into ourselves emotionally and spiritually.”
– Jane Middleton-Moz, author of Values from the Porch

Sarasota, FL, November 29, 2011 - “The secret of meditation is to become conscious of each moment of your existence.” – Thich Nhat Hanh. So begins the January 16 entry on page 21 of Ruth Fishel’s new book, Wrinkles Don’t Hurt: Meditations on the Joy of Aging Mindfully (HCI Books – $14.95). What follows for that day is commentary from Fishel, a 30-year meditator best known for her book of affirmations, Time for Joy. Whimsical illustrations by Bonny Van de Kamp are sprinkled throughout the book to enhance the variety of inspirational quotations, affirmations, and essays for each day of the year.

Says Fishel, “Many years ago my publisher suggested that I write a daily meditation book geared toward older people. I thought about it, tried it, and couldn’t make it flow. I didn’t have specific words within me for older people…Inspiration is inspiration no matter how young or old you are.” After a conversation with a friend, the author reconsidered, “While inspiration is the same for all ages, there are many other specific differences…our issues change….Losses, limitations, changing times, pain and diminished energy all sneak up on us. How we look at life changes.” Hence, Wrinkles Don’t Hurt was conceived.

Here are few of the affirmations that appear at the end of most entries:

 In spite of some of the aches and pains, I’m filled with compassion for all my body can do. I’m filled with gratitude. I’m filled with joy.

Today I am taking time to be aware of how I respond to my thoughts and feelings. I am being gentle and loving with myself, however I feel.

I feel younger and happier when I begin my day with a smile and a positive greeting.
How wonderful it is to be able to bring peace and joy to any moment by simply being aware of my breath.

No matter what the age, Ruth Fishel’s goal is the same; her book will guide you, day by day, to be fully present in each moment while letting go of your fears, doubts and insecurities.


Ruth Fishel, M.Ed, is a prolific author, national retreat and workshop leader and meditation teacher. Her books are inspirational and spiritual, helping people to find more joy, peace, healing, growth and purpose in their lives, including Time for Joy, which has sold over 300,000 copies since 1998. Ruth cofounded and codirected Serenity, Inc. a multi-faceted nonprofit residential and outpatient treatment program for chemically dependent women, which has helped thousands of women recover. Currently she codirects Spirithaven, where she teaches meditation and facilitates spiritual retreats for women. She has also created a line of inspirational greeting cards and other products, which can be seen at her website

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Daily Meditations on the Joy of Aging Mindfully

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