Monday, December 19, 2011

Is your Recipe Worth 1 Million Dollars?

Be a Winner with this Easy Holiday Recipe;
then Win $1 Million with a Recipe of Your Own
Short on time for laying out a party spread that’ll wow your holiday guests?

“The secret to creating something memorable is often as simple as pairing unexpected flavors that really hit it off,” says Dave Hirschkop, owner of Dave’s Gourmet (, maker of award-winning sauces.

“It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated,” he says. “If you mate ingredients that have chemistry, you’ll blow your guests away.”

If you’ve already created that blow-em-away recipe – the sauce that’s the hit at every gathering – it could win you up to $1million in royalties in Dave’s Gourmet Recipe Challenge.

And if you haven’t, Hirschkop has a gift for you: His Easy Holiday Dip will make short work of party-pleasing.

Easy Holiday Dip

1 ½ cups roasted red peppers (from jar or canned)

1 8-ounce package of cream cheese

¼ cup pumpkin seeds

1 Tablespoon olive oil

½ teaspoon paprika (I like smoked but any will do)

Salt and pepper to taste

Put everything into a food processor and pulse until smooth, creamy and delicious.

Serve with fresh-cut veggies (carrot sticks, celery, you know the drill folks) pretzels or pita chips.

For you chile heads, add a couple drops of your favorite Dave’s Gourmet hot sauce and make that dip rip!

Dave’s Gourmet Recipe Challenge

And now about that recipe contest. Dave’s Gourmet is looking for a winner to add to its product line, and guess who’ll get the royalties for six years? That’s right – you. Up to $1 million. Hey, it’s only fair if your name’s on the label.

Payday starts immediately with a $2,000 advance.

Just submit for your original recipe for a sauce, salsa or dip by Dec. 31 at Dave’s team will test the recipes and choose semifinalists, who’ll be taste-tested by a Dave’s Gourmet panel. Finalists will be notified Jan. 12-14. The winner (or winners) will be chosen by food professionals attending the Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco. They’ll be notified Jan. 18.

Isn’t it about time your killer sauce paid off? Dave thinks it is.

About Dave Hirschkop
Dave Hirschkop graduated from Boston University in the 1980s and opened a mom-and-pop restaurant called Burrito Madness. His experiments with hot sauces there led to the launch of Dave’s Gourmet 18 years ago. Find products in major retailers including Safeway, Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods and Costco.

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