Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Martha & Friends Halloween Show on Friday

In “Halloween Horror Show,” little Martha and her friends Lily and Hannah dress up as "Glampires" for Halloween, giving Kevin the idea to make his own monster movie. But only when Francesca and Sharkey get lost in the spooky Intimidation Woods, does Kevin's modest idea for a scary movie turn into a spectacular production!

The episode also features fun Halloween projects that kids can do with friends or family with step by step instructions online. Get Glampire make up like Martha and her friends, make scary homemade sound effects or create your own DIY trick-or-treat bags.

“Martha & Friends” is an animated multimedia series for kids that is designed to inspire creativity, foster independent thinking and celebrate friendship. Created by A Squared Entertainment in collaboration with lifestyle guru Martha Stewart and MSLO, the series features a 10-year-old Martha as a problem-solving, craft-loving, generous spirit who, along with her three best friends and two dogs, Francesca and Sharkey, show kids how easy it can be to do-it-themselves.

Kids can also visit to play games, watch more episodes, find craft projects and meet the characters.

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