Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sports Illustrated Kids Presents 1st and 10 Hits

Title: Sports Illustrated Kids 1st and 10: Top 10 Lists of Everything in Football
Reading Level: 8+
Pages: 96
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Product Description

Get everything you ever wanted to know about America's most popular sport in 1st and 10. Presented in the format of Top 10 lists, this book is a comprehensive yet fun look at the greatest aspects of the game. From the top Super Bowl moments to the best-looking uniforms, SI Kids ranks 50 different topics from the gridiron. Readers are guaranteed to love the big, exciting action photos from the Sports Illustrated collection and the insider knowledge of SI Kids. Filled with trivia and information, this dynamic book will be the definitive kids book on football.

Top 10 Rankings include:
  • Greatest rushers
  • Impressive two-sport athletes
  • Strangest plays
  • Strongest arms
  • Biggest comebacks
  • Lovable losers
What I Can Tell You: My son or husband barely get to help out on a review so I am always excited when they can help me.

Even for a non football lover like me this book was extremely entertaining.

The boys liked the "color photos, the extra big pages, the awesome stats and the interesting, fun categories."

Their favorites where:
10 Colorful Personalities (there are some characters in Football).
Top 10 Memorable Hairstyles (what were you thinking Tim Tebow?)
Top 10 Wacky Weather Games (NY Giants at St. Louis should have been called the mud bowl)

What I liked was that the stats aren't super long. I wasn't bored reading this book and this comes from someone who literally repeals Football. I didn't mind reading about Buddy Young who at only 5'4" was a running back and impossible for defenders to catch. I would have enjoyed watching that.

This is a great gift for young and old football fans although it is meant for the 9-12 age group.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy for the purpose of this review.  There was no monetary compensation.  

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