Monday, August 15, 2011

Get the Kids Ready For Back To School With Time Warner Entertainment

Last week we received two of the coolest books ever. Everyone from age 6 - 46 who has visited my house over the last few days eventually sits quietly to pour over these books from Time for Kids.

These books are awesome!

The Big Book of How is full of interesting information, there are in fact 501 facts covered on these highly interesting, vividly colorful 192 pages.  The list price is $17.95 (Amazon $12.21)

TIME For Kids The Big Book of How presents kids 8-12 years old with answers to the kinds of intriguing questions that appeal to their sense of curiosity. Colorful graphics, spectacular photos and clear, engaging diagrams will help answer such questions as: How does a chameleon change colors?; How can a person survive in the jungle?; How do you build a teepee?; How do diamonds form?; How do light sticks work?; How are 3-D movies made?; How do astronauts train for a space mission?; How do we get cavities?; How does solar energy work?

Divided by subject area-from animals, the human body and technology to sports, food and green issues-kids will discover the background behind the questions through the book's photos, diagrams and art as well as its clear text. Of course, TIME For Kids goes beyond just answering the question, and engages kids with hands-on activities at the end of each chapter that bring life to a topic or idea they just read about. For example: If in the technology chapter kids learn how an airplane flies, the "How to" spread might include step-by-step instructions about how to fold a paper airplane or create a rotating helicopter. TIME For Kids The Big Book of How is a must-have book to satisfy the most curious of kids.

This is the perfect coffee table book for the entire family with chapters on Animals, Sports, Science, Food and more, everyone will find something or in some cases, everything that interests them.

Here are some questions, answers and even activities my family loved:
How to grow crystals
How to stay safe in a storm
How do ice skaters spin so fast?
How were the pyramids built?
How to make a your own rain forest
How to make a periscope
How does popcorn pop?
How does the body fight against germs
How do chameleons change colors?

That's Incredible is even more popular in my house. There are so many interesting facts, records and figures. There are 288 pages of colorful photos and information your entire family will get a kick out of.  The list price for That's Incredible is $19.95 (Amazon $13.47) and is geared for 8 and up but I can tell you, my 6 year old has poured over these books on her own every day since we received them.

Some of our favorite pages include:

Incredible size section -
Did you know an artist made an exact replica of the White House?
Another carved the alphabet on the tips of pencils with a sewing needle, razor blade and patience? You should see the picture!

New Animals -
There is something called a pink handfish. It actually hass hands on its fins so it can walk around the ocean floor.

Mixed Up Animals -
There are animals called Ligers, Wholphins and Zebroids, just a name a few. They are hybrids of two kids of animals. We were very impressed with Hercules (part tiger/part lion) who is 12 feet long and weights 900 pounds.

These are some amazing books and you can pre-order them on Amazon (links below) or wait for them to be released in September. Your whole family will love them!

TIME For Kids Big Book of How

TIME For Kids That's Incredible!: The World's Most Unbelievable Facts and Records!

Time for Kids has an awesome website full of information, worksheets assessable by grade and so much more.

Disclosure: I received complimentary copies of these books from Time Home Entertainment for my honest opinion.

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