Friday, July 08, 2011

The Perfect Dating Handbook for Woman - Review and Giveaway

Do you feel like you don't understand guys?
Do all your relationships end in heartbreak, tears, or confusion?
Do all roads lead to nowhere?
Are you always choosing the wrong guys?
What is wrong with you?

I am here to tell you, that YOU are doing nothing wrong with you, all guys are not losers, and you have cried enough tears over the wrong guy! Believe me honey, he's the wrong guy if you are crying!

Recently I received a book called The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags: Relationship Warning Signs You Totally Spotted... But Chose to Ignore

Yes, that is correct, the signs were always there, you thought it would be different. Once you admit that part to yourself, you will be willing to make the necessary change to ensure you are in the driver seat no matter how cute he is!

Most of us, have made relationship mistakes that caused us unnecessary grief or heartache. I've been there and I wish this book was out a long time ago. The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags would have saved me so much time that I wasted on at least three of my past relationships. TIME I WILL NEVER GET BACK.

Book Description:

The book humorously gives advice to women about the warning signs of a bad relationship:

• She’s never met his friends: Red Flag
• Mom pays his rent: Red Flag
• He’s fake-and-baked orange: Red Frickin’ Flag! 

You’d think with such obvious warning signs, more women would know when to cut and run.  Instead they think:  "It’s not that bad," "I can live with it," or -- even worse -- "I  can fix him!"   What a disaster. This Little Black Book will become every woman’s new best friend as it saves her from wasting time on a sinking ship. 

It combines real advice with anecdotes to get the message across: He’s just not that good for you. Readers will laugh at their fellow females’ dating disasters (and cringe when they realize a few of their own! ) And by the end, they’ll understand that when his flaws are that obvious, it’s best to walk -- or, in most cases, -- runaway!

What I Can Tell You:
This no nonsense approach is exactly what females (no matter what your category; ladies, girls, woman) and is long over due.

The book is broken down into chapters like:
He's Weird In Bed
He Doesn't Know How To Communicate
He's Never Going to Propose
He Treats You Like A Slut

Inside each chapter beside the usual breakdown of what it means and how you can finally see the light; there are WTF? Sections. These sections are the most outrageous stories received at the Little Black Blogs Of Big Red Flag Hall of fame.  Real stories from real woman. Some will actually make you cringe.

I love everything about this book! Great resource for woman to laugh, cry and get closure in the fact that it IS NOT YOU! IT IS WHAT YOU REFUSE TO SEE.

Because I am not in the dating pool anymore, I asked my niece to review this for me also:

What I Can Tell You By a 21 Year Old:

Well, first of all, I know quite a few people who need to buy this book ASAP! This my dear friends is your BIBLE! Read it! Live it!

The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags is a fabulous resource for all woman. The Big Red Flag Stories where woman actually, candidly talk about what they see in retrospect and the mistakes they made or the signs that should have been a flashing warning light, were at times uncomfortable to read. Sadly, woman sometimes settle for less because they think with their feelings and heart instead of the brain that if it had hands would slap you silly. I am sad that there has to be a book like this, but so glad it is available. My personal opinion is, dating woman, shouldn't tread the waters without carrying this manual with you! Yes, consider it your dating manual. We finally have a study guide to help us see through the ultra cute guy sitting in the corner, checking us out. 

The Bottom Line: From 21 - 45, we both enjoyed this book immensely.

The Giveaway: One lucky winner will receive a copy of The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags

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