Saturday, July 23, 2011

Color Carnival #100

Hello everyone,
Has the weather been insane or what? We were at 104 in Orange County, NY yesterday. Stayed inside since the air quality was so poor. I hope everyone is feeling good and can't wait to see your photos.

The photos were amazing this week. WOW! You guys are awesome. The winner with 3 votes this week was Jama. I want to live there. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed and voted.

Welcome to another colorful week here at Color Carnival!

We will run till Thursday at midnight. Look for the voting button after that and please come
back to vote. Saturday a new post will go up with the prior week's winner.

Hope everyone has a great Weekend!


  1. Hope you get some weather relief soon. Seattle one of the few places with good weeather right now.

  2. Thanks to those who voted for me! Over here we barely touch 90 degrees and we're already melting here....that's our weather through out the year, the only respite we get are from the occasional rain.

  3. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I saw on the news how hot it was in your area and I couldn't believe it. 2/3 of the country are hotter than we are here in Florida, and it's HOT here. But you know I love this kind of weather... I HATE the cold.
    Congratulations Jama, again, you take the most beautiful photos. Good luck to everyone this week as well. =)


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