Saturday, December 04, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 11 - The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders-2 Winners

Day 11 Brings a A Holiday Gift for the Family Bookshelf that Keeps Giving All Year Round

The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders: Favorite Adventures, Stories, Poems, and Songs for Making Lasting Memories.

Award winning writer, educator and family issues advocate Susan Magsamen begins her book, The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders (National Geographic Children's Books), with this simple yet powerful thought: 

“If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.”

Catching your shadow.  Daydreaming.  Banging pots.  Dress-Up.  In today’s fast-paced and over-scheduled world of carpools, activity spreadsheets and Nintento DS, simple wonders of childhood -- and the special moments between parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and the little ones they love -- are often lost. In Childhood Wonders, Susan masterfully blends a vintage design and feel with a collection of activities, poems, nursery rhymes and art that underscores her philosophy on the best ways to encourage learn-through-play experiences and create special memories to last a lifetime.

Divided into five sections that illuminate a child’s world and interests -- Magic and Make-Believe; Outdoor Exploring; Crafts and Construction; Yummy for the Tummy; and Bedtime, Bathtime, and Dreamtime -- Childhood Wonders is more than a great gift book.  It gives families a tool to reconnect with childhood whimsy and explore the importance of learning through play.  During this season of off-the-hook consumerism and more, more, more,Childhood Wonders is a unique and lasting gift for kids, families, new parents and grandparents.

What I Can Tell You:
On Friday I had a Mom Party to end all Mom Parties (as posted here) and I showed the ladies this book. 

The colors make it the perfect Holiday Gift Idea if you are someone who loves giving books as gifts. BTW, I love giving books as gifts which is why I love book giveaways. My friends all loved this book. Beside it being beautiful it is full ways to make memories with your child. Whether you are making snow ice cream, or building a fort using the dining room table, this book is a beautiful addition to the moment and one that could become a family heirloom creating memories for years to come.

For some information on the author, Susan Magsamen, head over to her website Susan's Family Stories Blog. You will be impressed. Susan, I love the book and especially love the reminder at the beginning. In a nutshell, just enjoy your kids, time flies.


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