Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preschool DVD Series - Sukeys Circle

Back in May I had reviewed the first DVD for Sukey's Circle. Last week we received Sukey Molloy's Sukey's Circle Volume 2.

Press Release

Sukey Molloy and PlayMove&Sing Inc. are pleased to announce as a sequel to Sukey’s Circle! Volume 1 DVD, winner of the 2009 NAPPA Award, and the 2010 Mom’s Choice Award Gold, Sukey’s Circle! Volume 2 DVD. NAPPA gave special recognition to Sukey's Circle! Vol 2 DVD by calling it a "Rising Star"! The new series promises to be a wonderful addition for families with young children!

What I Can Tell You: Just like Volume 1, Sunny and Tick Tock are back. They are sweet puppets Sukey uses to engage the viewer.  While the CD is geared toward babies to 3. My kids did watch again and one more time on their own since I put it in for review.

Why Sukey's Circle is a good choice for your baby:
  • It is slow paced. There are no quick edits. Nothing to over stimulate your baby.
  • Sukey and her friends are engaging and speak baby. Sukey uses a sing song voice and laughter to talk to you.

Sukey Molloy is a developmental music and movement educator, performing artist, and award winning recording and video artist of children’s music, movement, and song.

PlayMove&Sing Inc. is built upon the observation that babies and very young children learn more about themselves, and the world around them, when they engage directly in movement discovery and play throughout the day. PlayMove&Sing provides interactive CDs, DVDs, audio picture books and musical play activities to promote learning, listening and active viewing.

More information on Sukey Molloy, PlayMove&Sing, Inc, and Sukey’s Circle! can be found at

To order go here.

Disclaimer: I received the DVD free of charge to write my honest opinion of Play Move and Sing with Sukey Molloy.

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