Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zoodles Update

If you haven't had a chance to check out Zoodles or enter the giveaway, there is still time.You can check out my review and the giveaway opportunity here.

In my review I tell you how great, safe, kid friendly and interactive the site is but there is more.

Zoodles has five main subject areas broken down like this. 
Life Skills Interacting with Others, Gross Motor Skills, Dance, Art, Music, Design, Attention / Listening, Matching, Sorting and Classifying, Exploration and Curiosity, Memory Skills, Spatial Reasoning, Injury Prevention and Safety, Computer Literacy
Math Number Recognition, Understanding Quantity, Counting, Patterns and Categorization, Two-dimensional Shapes / Polygons, Spatial Relations, Measurement, Time, Money
Reading Book and Print Basics, Letter Recognition, Matching Letters to Sounds, Word Meanings, Elements of a Story, Building Narratives
Science Plants and Animals, The Human Body, Weather, Observing and Collecting Data
Social Studies Community and Culture, Foreign Languages, Sports

We have  been using the site for a week now. Goddess uses it everyday without help! She begs me to let her sit at the computer for school. She absolutely loves it and I can't stop raving about it to the moms in my community but there is more.

Today I received emails that showed me Goddess and Handsome's usage for the week.  I am really impressed with the details.

There is a breakdown of how long they spend on each category. What there favorite courses where.

Here is the Goddess Breakdown
1879_64 Name: Sight Words

Skye Played For: 43 minutes

Description: The Sight Words course helps your child recognize one-syllable and high-frequency words.
1869_64 Name: Counting

Skye Played For: 34 minutes

Description: The Counting course helps your child count and group objects, sequence whole numbers, and count by ones, tens, twos, or fives.
1892_64 Name: Matching

Skye Played For: 30 minutes

Description: In the Matching course, your child learns to match similar objects and to match a part to its whole.

Subject Amount of Time
Reading about 2 hours
Social Studies 16 minutes
Math about 1 hour
Life Skills about 3 hours
Science 44 minutes

Goddess's favorite shows:

Show Details
296_64 Name: Bunnytown

Skye Played For: about 1 hour

Description: Bunnytown is a Disney property that feature numerous bunny characters. The TV show typically features a running gag that is played out in four parts which end with the characters completing an objective.
336_64 Name: Go Diego Go

Skye Played For: about 1 hour

Description: Go, Diego, Go is a spin off program from the popular Dora the Explorer series. Diego is Dora's cousin who helps animals in trouble. His companion, baby Jaguar, joins him on most of his journeys. Just like his cousin Dora, Diego is bilingual and helps to teach children spanish.
1856_64 Name: Sid the Science Kid

Skye Played For: 44 minutes

Description: "What's hair for? How do birds fly?" Thanks to Sid the Science Kid, we'll learn the answers to those and many other burning questions. Like most preschoolers, 5-year-old Sid loves to observe and investigate objects and events that are part of daily life. In doing so, he learns that science is all around us. Sid uses humor to show young children that they can "do" their own science and make new discoveries every day. Sid the Science Kid, co-produced by The Jim Henson Company, is created by a revolutionary process known as "digital puppetry." Performers puppeteer and voice digital characters in real time using three-dimensional computer-generated images. This ground-breaking technology results in a unique and captivating style of animation. Join Sid, his family and his friends as they make science fun! For children 3 to 6 years old.

Skye's favorite links of all time:

Game Details
93_64 Name: Diego's Underwater Adventure

Skye Played For: 31 minutes

Description: Your child develops a wide variety of skills including shape and animal identification, counting and matching skills and logical thinking to find pieces of the moon under the sea.
448_64 Name: The Carrot Shop

Skye Played For: 23 minutes

Description: Your child develops creativity by using carrot points to "buy" clothes, accessories, furniture and toys to dress-up Bunnytown characters and furnish their house.
1259_64 Name: Book - Happy Mother's Day

Skye Played For: 23 minutes

Description: Your child develops literacy skills by reading and/or listening to this story.

Goddess's favorite sites:

Show Details
318_64 Name: Nick Jr.

Skye Played For: about 3 hours

Description: Nick Jr, created by Nickelodeon, and owned by Viacom, has games & activities based on their branded characters. The content on Nick Jr. is largely targeted towards younger children.
332_64 Name: Starfall

Skye Played For: about 2 hours

Description: Starfall is an independent site dedicated toward helping children read. The site hosts games & activities that focus on building the key skills necessary to read (letter recognition, phonics, etc.).
319_64 Name: PBS Kids

Skye Played For: about 1 hour

Description: PBS Kids is PBS's website with games & activities based on their branded characters.
Is there really any reason to go anywhere else. I totally love this site and plan on staying with it for as long as possible.


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    wow that is pretty cool. Since you speak so highly about this website both in writing and face to face, I will introduce this to my girl.
    yes you read correctly, I WILL TRY IT OUT!!!!! bite me!!!!! lol

  2. I'm with Goddess--Bunnytown is one of my favorite shows too. Now if they only had some SpongeBob games on the site....


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