Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dreamfields Pasta, A Delicious, Healthy Way To Indulge Without The Bulge

You like pasta, you know you do! Who doesn't? I love it. Growing up with an Italian/American Grandma will do that to you I suppose. As a child, I probably ate pasta 4 out of 7 days. There was pasta with sauce, ravioli, rigatoni, lasagna, angel hair, penne, spaghetti, manicotti, pastina with egg, and more. We loved our pasta.

Pasta is easy, cheap, filling, versitale and tasty but a lot of us have given it up because of the carbs.

Dreamfields states that with their pasta you get twice the fiber, fewer digestible carbs and lower glycemic index. Dreamfields pasta, is made up of a fiber that includes inulin, a 100 perfect natural fruit and vegetable fiber found in common foods.

While I personally don't know what half of this means, what I can tell you is this...Dreamfields is delicious! There, you guys don't really want to know what the pasta is made up of or what percentage of glycemic index is in the pasta. What you do want to know is if it tastes good!

It does! 

Dreamfields Pasta is good stuff. I made mine with a vodka sauce (my personal favorite) and it was delicious.

Rachel Ray featured it on her show!

More importantly than me or Rachel Ray is that Dreamfield Pasta has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval in 2004 and has kept getting it year after year.

So, if you know a diabetic who hasn't been able to enjoy pasta recently, let them know about Dreamfields so they can see if it is right for them.

Full Disclose: I received a package of Dreamfields Pasta to try out for myself and wrote this review based on my own taste test and research from the Dreamfields website. This is just my opinion and I accept no responsibility for interruption of this review. 


  1. I'm going to buy this next shopping trip. I like the low carbs, since hubby was diagnosed as a prediabetic. I hope the flavor is great too.

  2. Vodka sauce? You go, mama!


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