Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fun Contest by Solo Cup - Chance to Win $5,000

Solo Cup, you know the cups, we haven't gone to a single keg party, backyard BBQ, family party, or organized event where they didn't use Solo Cups. In fact, wayyy back my friends and I called them Keg Cups.

Good times! Good times!

Oh, yeah..sorry bout that, I was going somewhere with the whole Solo Cup thing.

Well, digression is over, I'm back to tell you about a fun contest. Solo Cup is hosting called easily enough, Solo Cup Photo Contest. They named it obviously for people like me. We need it nice and easy to remember.

The contest is easy, submit a photo featuring Solo's newest addition....the Solo Squared. Nice.....want to see what it looks like?

Sweet, less chance of falling over even if someone accidentally falls into it. You know what I'm saying (elbow, wink).

Now for the best part; enter the contest between now and August 14th and get a chance at the grand prize; $5,000. In addition to the grand prize, Solo is offering two runner up prizes of $1,000 each. By entering, you'll also have the chance to win daily and weekly prizes of gift certificates and Solo products.

So, head over to your closest market place (coupon for discount here) grab a bag of Solo Cups. Snap some fun, interesting, wacky, or whatever pictures, enter and on August 21st the winners will be announced.

Here are some winner photos.

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