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Three Perfect Valentine's Gifts For Someone Who Loves Journaling

I LOVE to write in my calendar and journals. It is a daily thing for me and something I have always done but not like I do now. There are so many people like me who don't need chocolate or jewelry to feel loved. If you know someone who writes or talks about it often and you want to help them get started give the gift of journaling.

Pen Heaven has the most beautiful journals and pens. High quality and stunning. I received a fountain pen that sits in a beautiful display. It is absolutely the most beautiful pen I have ever seen. Even the box is beautiful! This was my first time trying to write with a fountain pen. There is something about using it to write too! I feels so very Bridgerton. I am Penelope and while I am not writing about the gossip around the town I am writing about myself and my day to day. 

I also received a Chianti leather journal with pages that are stone marbled by hand. STUNNING! Love it so much

If my husband was to gift me this pen set and the journal I would have found it the most romantic gesture.

Pen Heaven has a selection of must have items for Valentine's Day! Check it out! Honestly the prices are amazing. I saw the site and the high-quality stationary and thought this is way out of my price range, but everything was priced right. 

My next piece for my journaling collection will be a wax seal and they have those too! You can personalize many items as well. Definitely sharing this wonderful company with my journaling friends in my personal life as well as you dear reader!

 Red & Pink Stationery for a Heartfelt Valentine’s Day

Forget bouquets and texts this Valentine’s Day and instead opt for a traditional gift from luxury stationer’s, Pen Heaven. One that can be cherished for a lifetime.

For an utterly unique expression, why not surprise your sweetheart by going that step further and giving one of the most romantic gestures, a handwritten love letter straight from the heart. Used for centuries and immortalized on the big screen in many a love movie (who can forget Ryan Gosling in The Notebook!), a heartfelt note to the apple of your eye is 1000 times more meaningful than any text. And it can be kept forever!

From personalized journals and luxury fountain pens to the finest writing paper and reddest ink, Pen Heaven proffer a fine selection of must-have items for Valentine’s Day in passionate crimson shades for every kind of lover.

Honoring the romantic ladies of the silver screen, the super elegant Esterbrook Estie Scarlet Gold Trim Fountain Pen, $185, reflects the passion and courage they embodied on and off screen. An exceptional gift for the leading lady in your life.

The perfect memento, this ornate Bomo Art Rose design journal, from $46, oozes vintage style and is ideal for storing all those lustful desires. Emboss the red leather spine with your lovers’ initials, date or place you met, or a pet name for a sentimental present to be preserved forever.

Strawberry red to inspire the flames of the heart, this Lamy Safari 2022 Special Edition Rollerball, $18, oozes Bauhaus style and offers an exceptional writing experience.

Why not fill the charming Filofax Domino Soft A5 Organizer, $47, with memorable dates or special moments you have planned for the year ahead to win their heart over? Perfect for the retro at heart, this item can be embossed with initials or a sweet phrase for a memorable keepsake.

For the sophisticated love in your life, the Parker Jotter XL Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen, $25, is sure to win over their heart. Stylish and elegant, this design is perfect for those who write on a daily basis. Emboss with initials for a memorable and unique gift.

Make sure your written words of love get noticed with this Graf Von Faber Castell Garnet Red Ink Bottle, $32. It will give your cursive the true passion it deserves!

For ink from the heart only the finest writing paper will do and the Original Crown Mill Laid Paper A5 Writing Set, $20, will not let you down! Containing exquisite writing paper with matching envelopes (Royalty worldwide use the brand for sending out important invitations), this super-indulgent gift set will ensure your love letter(s) arrive in superior style.

An excellent addition to a writing set, the tradition Wax & Letter Stamp Seal, $18, will ensure those passionate words remain a secret until they find its lucky recipient.

The other item on my must have list is this rolling cart which has 5 tiers of shelves. It is small enough to fit anywhere and large enough to hold many of my journaling and calendar items including my journal and calendar. This cart probably has many uses but I use it for holding everything I need every day. I roll it up to my table when I am writing and back to it's spot when I am done. I can see it being really good for beauty products too! 

I even charge my iPad in it!

The shelves are two sided so you just flip it around and there are more things on the other side. It is definitely my current favorite product that I purchased on Amazon.

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