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Is shared parenting falling short in Pennsylvania? A poll finds it is!



Dads’ Resource Center shares results of a poll conducted on shared parenting

STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania – (August 30, 2022) – Is it fair that most dads end up with scattered visits after divorcing or be made to feel that the courts automatically default in judgment for the mother? These are some of the shared parenting questions people have, and some groups are on a mission to gather the facts and make positive changes. In conjunction with the National Parents Organization, the Dads' Resource Center recently commissioned an independent poll of the attitudes of those in Pennsylvania concerning shared parenting when parents live apart.


"There is an extreme disconnect between how our citizens think our family courts should operate and how they do operate," said Dads' Resource Center Executive Director Jeffrey Steiner. "What we have now enables or encourages conflict between separated parents and is a serious disservice to children in separated families."

Researchscape International conducted the poll. The results show that the public overwhelmingly believes children in separated families need and should have the active involvement of both parents while growing up. Significant findings from the poll include:

  • When asked how beneficial it is for a child to have significant time with each parent assuming that both parents are fit, willing to be parents, and live within a reasonable distance of each other, 64% of respondents believe that to be extremely beneficial, while 30% feel it’s very beneficial. 
  • Not surprisingly, 94% of respondents believe it would benefit society if more children with separated parents had both parents significantly involved.
  • A whopping 97% of respondents believe that children with separated parents should have equal access to both parents.
  • When it comes to working with the family courts, 65% of respondents believe that they are more likely to treat mothers preferentially, 7% assume that family courts are likely to treat fathers more referentially, and 28% believe that family courts are more likely to treat both parents equally.
  • Over 91% of respondents believe that Pennsylvania law should be changed to make it easier for fit and willing unmarried fathers to gain parental rights and parenting time with their children.

The polling results were consistent with what was reported in polls that the National Parents Organization has done in other states. To see the Dads’ Resource Center Poll on Shared Parenting in Pennsylvania, click here. To see the National Parents Organization National Shared Parenting Polling, click here.

"Creating a presumption of shared parenting, something overwhelmingly supported by Pennsylvanians across the political spectrum, would lower the conflict of divorce by assuring children and their parents that their most precious relationship will not be destroyed by divorce," said Don Hubin, chair of National Parents Organization. "Parental separation should not result in parental deprivation."

Dads' Resource Center was started by Dr. Joel N. Myers, a father of eight and the founder and CEO of AccuWeather. The mission is to help combat the issues associated with children growing up without their fathers in the home. At its heart, the center is a child advocacy organization that aims to ensure that each child has the appropriate involvement and contributions from both parents.


“Mothers and fathers are supposed to be seen as equals under the laws of most states,” said Dr. Myers. “Yet in reality there are many situations where dads desperately want to be more involved in the lives of their sons and daughters, but when opposed by their children’s mothers, the courts and governmental agencies they face insurmountable obstacles because of established biases.”


About Dads’ Resource Center

The Dads' Resource Center is committed to providing education, resources, and advocacy for dads who are separated or divorced and are determined to uphold their sacred responsibility as fathers. The Dads' Resource Center was founded by Dr. Joel N. Myers, the founder and CEO of AccuWeather. His own experience as a single father led him to start the group. To get more information, visit the site at: https://dadsrc.org.



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