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Visiting Disney With Kids - What Do You Need to Know

If you have kids, you will know how important and essential a trip to Disney is. Getting the chance to experience the magic and wonder of Disney can keep your little ones as little for as long as possible. At any age, there are lots of things to see, and certainly, lots to take in. So, how can you successfully visit Disney, and how can you do it with kids. Preparation and planning will help you make the most out of your time at Disney, so what do you need to focus on first?

Arranging in Advance Will Save You Stress and Time

As you will know, with children, you need to arrange and plan as much as possible. The more that you arrange, the greater amount of control you will have over all aspects of your vacation. There are lots of things you can arrange in advance, from your flight and travel arrangements, right on through to the resort or accommodation you will be staying in. When you are traveling, you want as little stress as possible, and achieving this, planning and arranging are a must.


Preparing for the Journey and Flight is Crucial


“Traveling with kids can be interesting.


How are you going to get to Disneyworld in Orlando? Do you need to take a flight? If you are traveling by airplane, you will need to start establishing which flights work well for you and your family. For example, if you are traveling long-haul, what hours of the day will you want to travel, and which providers are you going to be looking at? Flights can be tiring and exhaustive, and with children in tow, they can be soul-destroying! The more planning and preparation that you do, the more successful your journey will be. As well as purchasing flight tickets and arranging transfers and onward travel, you also need to think about how you will keep your children entertained on the flight/journey.


Parks Are Big - Exploring Takes Time

When you finally arrive at Disney, and you start exploring the parks, you need to realize how big the parks truly are. If you try and do too much in one day, it will leave you and your kids feeling exhausted and frustrated. Covering a park over a couple of days may be best for you and your family. For example, Magic Kingdom with smaller children in tow may take 2-3 days to fully cover. Trying to do it in any less time will lead to lots of tears and overtiredness. When you are blasting around the official parks, you need to remember that exploring and taking time to take it all in is just as important as anything else. When you are trying to fit everything into just one day, you will often find that you overlook (or miss) the small things that may make those magical moments and memories.


Strollers Are Necessary for Smaller Children

If you are traveling with smaller children - those under 4 in most cases, you will need to make use of the park strollers. These are available on a daily charge (or you can rent them for longer) so think about how long you will want to use a stroller for, as this will ensure that you get the best value. Little legs get tired very easily and quickly, and to ensure that this does not end up in temper tantrums, which can ruin a day, you need to ensure that you have wheels to support those little legs. Even if your child is reluctant to use a stroller, you will find that it will save you a lot of stress. Of course, when you are going on any rides and traversing the parks, a stroller may not be what you want, but it may be what is needed.


Resorts Are Best to Stay In


Westgate Vacation and Town Center

“Plenty of fun in the Florida sun for little ones”


When you are traveling with children, you want everything to be as straightforward as possible. Renting a villa and doing all of the cooking will feel tiring, and it won’t feel like much of a vacation for you. Hotels are Ok, but to get the full Disney experience and to enjoy as much of your vacation as possible, you need to stay in a resort just like the ones HERE at When you stay in a resort, you ensure that everything is on-site and easy to use, from bars and restaurants to kids' clubs. You may also find that some resorts offer more than you expected. For example, some have golf courses. Others have water parks. Resorts offer very good value for money, and they are often well located, which means you can travel around with children with ease.

In Summer It Can Be Very Hot

Orlando has moderate temperatures all year round, and it often has more sunshine than showers. However, in summer,temperatures can become unbearable - especially for smaller children. When it is too hot, they will feel lethargic, and they will not be in the mood for blasting around rides and theme parks. Make sure that if you are traveling to Disney that you take suitable clothing and protection for your kids and everyone in the family - for all seasons. Temperatures can be sweltering at times, and this can be uncomfortable, especially for little ones who are trying to explore and enjoy the magic of Disney. Similarly, if you are traveling in the off-season (in wintertime), you will want to pack a poncho, jacket, and raincoat to cope with the changeable weather.


Meet and Greets Are Magical

When you are heading to the official parks, you will have the opportunity for your little ones to meet and greet their favorite characters now that these sessions have been reintroduced. From Mickey and Minnie Mouse, all the way through to Elsa from Frozen or Rapunzel, there will be a character that your child/children will want to meet. Meet and greets are truly magical, and they can help your children connect with Disney and all of the characters. Meet and greets can be especially popular in busy periods, so if this is something your children want to do, you must make sure that you book in advance.


What You Pack and Travel With is Important

As well as sorting all of your travel arrangements out, you also need to make sure that you pack everything that you and your family need for the trip. If you forget something, you will be able to buy it in Orlando or Florida, but it may cost you more than it would to simply bring it. In addition to your beach clothes, and light clothes, you will also need to ensure that you pack socks, comfortable walking shoes (or sneakers) as well as wattle bottles, and mini fans in summer (or ponchos in the rainy season). It often helps to have a list that you can use in your packing. This way, you can tick off items as you pack them, and you can be sure that you carry everything you need for an awesome vacation.


Embrace The Chaos

It is going to be chaotic traveling to Disneyworld with children, even if they are slightly older. The traveling, the walking around, the excitement, and the fun will eventually boil over and lead to a bubbling pot that is hard to contain. You may find during your vacation that there will be times when you need to stop, take a step back, and just be in the moment. Not pushing your children too hard is important. If you try and do too much in one day, it will backfire on you, and it will affect the enjoyment your children get from Disney. Your vacation will quickly come around, and it will be over before you know it. Days and nights will be pure chaos, but this will all be part of the fun. Trying to find a balance when you are vacationing in Orlando will be difficult, so the best thing to do is not even try!.


Prepare For Tiredness and Overtiredness

In the run-up to your vacation and during your vacation, you will be tired, and your children will often be overtired. This is all part of the magic of Disney and part of the fun of planning a vacation. To deal and cope with tiredness and overtiredness, you may need to find a way to release feelings and emotions. This may mean breaking up back-to-back day trips to theme parks with a trip to a beach or even a day by the pool in your resort. Trying to plan everything too meticulously can backfire, so try and go with the flow, plan loosely, but do not get frustrated if plans do not always go the way you thought that they would.

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