Saturday, May 22, 2021

5 Tips for Making A Clean House More Manageable

When you have a busy lifestyle, kids, and pets, everyday life can leave your house messy and in need of a deep clean. But we all have better things to do than to constantly be cleaning our house. 

If you are tired of spending most of your weekend cleaning your home, here are some steps to make the process more manageable. 

1. Clean your house gradually

Many of us make grand plans to clean our entire house as soon as we wake up on Saturday morning. Inevitably, this fails majorly. Plans get in the way, kids need our attention, or frankly, we just want a lazy start to the weekend (and that’s okay). So that you are not putting a lot of pressure on yourself to spend your weekend cleaning, take baby steps throughout the week so that you only have one or two chores to do over the weekend. Instead of making it a weekly event, spend 30 minutes or an hour cleaning up when you get home from work or when homework is done. That way, all the pressure for a clean house isn’t put on Saturday.

2. Get the entire family to help

The full onus of keeping your house clean shouldn’t be on a single person. Instead, everyone in the family should split those weekly chores. Not only will this help to teach children responsibility and how to clean, but it may also be a good way to let them earn a weekly or monthly allowance.

3. Keep your pets groomed

One of the big messes for many houses comes from our four-legged family members and the hair they often leave behind. One of the best ways to keep your house hairball-free is to make sure that your cats and dogs are regularly brushed and groomed to minimize the hair. It’s also worth investing in vacuums with those special hoses that are good for cleaning up hair. 

4. Hire a cleaning service

If cleaning your house is just a burden you can’t deal with, consider bringing on the help of a cleaning service. These companies can either be brought on as your primary home cleaning services, coming in every week to keep your home clean, or they can be a once-a-month service to give your home a deep cleaning. For homeowners concerned about toxins or chemicals, many of today’s cleaning services, such as Fresh Air Cleaning Company — — use all eco-friendly products. 

5. Make it fun

One of the reasons we put off cleaning is because it can just be such a chore. The goal is to make it as fun as possible for yourself and your family. That could mean turning on some upbeat music, creating games — such as who can put away the toys fastest — or offering rewards such as an allowance for even a trip to the ice cream shop for a job well done. 

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