Tuesday, April 20, 2021

How to Have a Lazy Self Care Day


Self-care is extremely important, not only due to the stress brought on by the pandemic but especially the twin stresses of working a full-time job and caring for your kids. Self-care days have been touted as a response to this, but often the requirements sound far too strenuous to be interesting. After all, no one truly wants to do yoga or meditation on their days off. That's why it's worth having the laziest kind of self-care day possible. While these are not recommended on a regular basis, they can be rather restorative on one-off occasions. To learn more about lazy self-care days, read the complete guide below! 


Don't Set an Alarm 


The worst part of your morning might involve having to get up at a set time each day. Alarm clocks are the perennial reminder that we have responsibilities to adhere to and tasks to complete. Turn the alarm off completely and wake up whenever you feel like it. If you find that your children are waking you up too early, try and send them off to your parents or friends for the evening. 


Turn off Phone Notifications


During the coronavirus pandemic, people have lost sense of the boundaries between work and rest. This means that even if you are resting on a special day — ideally a weekend — your colleagues might still be sending you updates about particular projects. Make sure to air them completely by turning off phone notifications. After all, even seeing those emails can be stressful, even if you don't intend to reply to them. 


Rewatch Your Favourite Film or TV Series


The danger on this day is doing anything out of the ordinary. This is especially true when it comes to what you choose to stream. Pick the wrong movie or TV series, and you could bend your day out of shape by slogging through something terrible. Instead, this day is one where you should rely on your old favorites that have never disappointed you before. Curl up with a loved one and, while you do that:  


Order Your Food In 


You might find that after working, a lot of your time is spent on buying, preparing and cooking food. Today is the day where you can decide to order food with this Orlando meal prep company, saving you time spent driving to the shop, deciding what to buy, and finally having to cook it all yourself. Make sure to pick something you truly enjoy eating, too, in order to properly make the most out of your special day. 




Just because you are having a lazy day at home, this doesn't mean that you should spend all your time inside. Vitamin D is such an important nutrient to have in our daily lives, meaning that you should try and make the most of the sunshine around this spring and summer by lying out in the garden and sunbathing. Make sure to order some ice-cold drinks and a good book to truly make the most out of your time lounging around.


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