Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter Basket Books Your Kids Will Love

 I am always looking for things that are not just sweet or sugary to put in any Easter Baskets I make. As a mom I added chocolate of course but I also wanted things that weren't. I put DVD, hair ties, a stuffed animal and books.  Now as a teacher I am always thinking of things for my toddler class that isn't something that is sweet, calorie full candy that I know they are going to probably get in their baskets. I try to think way outside the box.  While I couldn't get one of these books for my whole class, I usually do stickers and bubbles but these books are perfect for the family baskets I put together. 

Eggcellent Easter Mazes: 47 Colorful Mazes (Clever Mazes) Paperback 

Eggcellent Easter Mazes is the perfect springtime activity book for young minds who love scavenger hunts. With nearly 50 different Easter-themed mazes, there’s plenty of puzzles with endless paths to explore.
  • The Easter Bunny is lost! Help find the right path to hop along for the busiest day of the season.
  • Meanwhile, if you want your basket of goodies, you’ll have to hurry and find it without running into any walls!
  • Springtime decorations, delicious treats, and so much more abound in this book of mazes that’s bursting with challenging fun from start to finish.

The books are full of fun activities for kids ages 3-6 but I think all kids love these kinds of books. My class is only 2 and together we worked on many of the mazes and pattern. The characters are adorable and whimsical. The kids had a great time working together with their fingers and my prompting.  My 15 year old daughter also love the book talking about the colors and how fun the pages were for the class. There was so much to look at she thought the kids really enjoyed answering open ended questions on each page. "where is the frog jumping?" or "who can find the brown bear?"  We also counted trees, clouds, flowers, etc. 

Truly a hit with my toddlers class.


Easter Hunt: Over 800 Egg-citing Objects! (Look & Find) Hardcover 

Hunt for brightly-dyed eggs, fluffy bunnies, delicious treats, and more in this interactive Look & Find book with 800 Easter-themed objects! Jam-packed with illustrations, Easter Hunt provides endless entertainment for curious toddlers and their families.
  • With 800 objects to discover inside, this special Easter-themed Look & Find includes engaging questions and prompts on each page.
  • An educational and entertaining experience, children will develop their attention skills while counting, learning, and discovering.
  • This large-format book with bright, full-color art throughout is the perfect gift to put a spring in any child's step this Easter!

My assistant went over this book with my class 3 times today. They loved it. They had a great time searching for the page answering the questions on the pages but they also loved making up their own questions about the characters on each page. I love listening to them work with each other trying to sound like a teacher as they asked...."where is the bunny playing guitar?" 

This book will be a favorite for a long time.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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